Words Can Move People

Click here to view Rules in the SPL catalogFrom whence comes a writer?

Children’s award winning author Cynthia Lord told us, a 600+ audience of teachers and librarians, at a recent Children’s Literature Conference at Western Washington University in Bellingham, that she grew up loving words in a family that loved math. She said she aspired to be a writer when she witnessed her 3rd grade teacher starting to cry when she read a story out loud to the class. Words, she saw, could move people. Moving and poignant is her novel, Rules, which won the prestigious Newbery Medal of the American Library Association and cemented her career. It was written because her daughter asked why there were no books for families like theirs—the ones working through the joys and challenges of an autistic sibling. Continue reading “Words Can Move People”

Summer Novels for Kids Full of Hope and Glory

~posted by Diane

There is a memorable last scene in the movie Hope and Glory when the school blows up, thanks to German bombs in WWII. The moment of jubilation and absolute glee when the little boy knows there is no school to go to is not unlike that second when the last bell rings, dismissing kids for summer vacation. It’s freedom from school, liberation from the grind, anticipation of the endless summer—all rolled into one delicious present.The very definition of pure joy is when that last school day finally ends. Continue reading “Summer Novels for Kids Full of Hope and Glory”

Fantasy Checklist Challenge: Children’s Books

~posted by Selby G.

All ages love the possibilities bound in the pages of a fantastical book and children are no different. Some of the most creative and entertaining fantasy books I have read were written for kids. So don’t let the age vector deter you. The books in this post may be geared towards children, but they are anything but juvenile.

I’m sure I would get angry comments if I did not mention the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling or the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan, but we already know and love those books. If you haven’t read them then get going! As for the rest of the post, here are some great books you might not know about. Continue reading “Fantasy Checklist Challenge: Children’s Books”

Family Reads: Trains and Trails

SThe Boundlessummer is finally here! Kids are out of school and vacations are under way, which means it’s a great time for kids to stock up on some great summer reads. I always love to start summer with a grand adventure, and I think many kids will as well. Kenneth Oppel’s The Boundless fits the bill perfectly. Can it get grander than a 7 mile long train equipped with a pool, lounge, billiards, dining cars and sleeping cars? Combine this with circus performers, Sasquatch attacks, and a murder mystery, and you’ve got yourself a ‘grand adventure’ on tracks. Even better, it offers a little bit of local interest. This historical fantasy brings to life the early railroads of Canada and the Pacific Northwest, and Will Everett’s escapades aboard The Boundless are sure to entertain! Continue reading “Family Reads: Trains and Trails”

Science Fiction Fridays: 5 sci-fi reads our children’s librarians love

red lantern's revengeRed Lantern’s Revenge by Michael Acampora
It’s up to the Green Lanterns Corps to save the underground seas of Mars from the Red Lanterns and the fate of Earth ‘s own polluted oceans hangs in the balance.torn haddix

Torn By Margaret Haddix
Jonah and Katherine travel back in time to 1611 to save John Hudson, the son of the great explorer, from drowning, but soon find more problems than they bargained for. Continue reading “Science Fiction Fridays: 5 sci-fi reads our children’s librarians love”