A Different Beauty: Sharing Film with Children

The Red Balloon, a film by Albert LamorisseI vividly remember the first time I saw The Red Balloon as a child. I’ve never forgotten the haunting, stark beauty of 1950s Paris, the unapologetic taking of the child’s perspective, and the power of images with minimal dialogue.

As much as I loved, and love, the work of Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Mel Blanc, and Friz Freling, seeing The Red Balloon made me see film in a new way.

Once I became a children’s librarian I The Secret of Kells, a film from Cartoon Saloonwanted the children I served to have similar opportunities to experience the extraordinary beauty and power of films like The Red Balloon, Spirited Away, The Man Who Planted Trees or The Secret of Kells.

Unfortunately children’s films that are not commercially successful can be hard to find.

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