Mystery Challenge: Amateur Sleuths

~ by Jenny C.

For all of you reading along in the Mystery Challenge, this week we focus on the valiant, perceptive, amateur sleuth. Now, many heroes and heroines of the mystery genre qualify as amateurs, especially those from points in history before official certifications, but I wanted to highlight some of the most winning personalities among these amiable snoops.

Click here to find Whose Body? in the SPL catalogThe classic amateur investigator has to be Dorothy Sayers’ beloved Lord Peter Wimsey. Aristocrat and gad-about, forever dependent on his alarmingly efficient manservant, Bunter, Lord Peter swans around the countryside with an endearingly foppish attitude. When push comes to shove, however, his harmless façade drops to expose a ferocious intelligence. Set against the backdrop of the World Wars, Lord Peter’s adventures are not to be missed! Start with Whose Body? and discover why Sayers is one of the greats. Continue reading “Mystery Challenge: Amateur Sleuths”

Five children’s mysteries you must read!

Someone just told me the most popular posts about books start with a number of books you must read, hence the title and I hope it’s true!

We recently updated a number of children’s booklists and I had the pleasure of updating the mysteries list. This meant I read some titles I have been dying to read andalso that I learned of others from my well-read colleagues; as with most things library booklists are a collaborative effort. Keeping the list to five will be practically impossible. But starting with a series helps. Continue reading “Five children’s mysteries you must read!”