Seattle Rep’s THE GREAT LEAP: Beyond the Theater

Diplomatic tensions between American and China, played out in the sports arena. How the passions and actions of one person can make a difference in the world. The themes of Lauren Yee’s play The Great Leap – which opens its month-long run at The Seattle Repertory theatre on March 23 – could not be more timely.

Yee’s play was inspired by stories of her father’s days on the basketball courts of San Francisco’s Chinatown, where he played center and was known as “Spider.” Chinatown had a robust history of basketball dating back to the 1930’s and 1940’s, when male and female athletes cultivated a new high-speed style of fast-break basketball that was decades ahead of its time, smashing stereotypes and defeating rivals. Kathleen Yep’s fascinating Outside the Paint: When Basketball Ruled at the Chinese Playground reveals this history, while Dean Wong’s Seeing the Light: Four Decades in Chinatown provides a vivid immersion in the life, spirit and struggles of four Chinatowns depicted in powerful, revelatory photographs. Continue reading “Seattle Rep’s THE GREAT LEAP: Beyond the Theater”

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大冰河: 乔良

乔良 是一位优秀的军旅作家。他的这本小说集从不同的角度反映了当代军人的风采。尤其是“大冰河”这篇中篇小说, 通过一次救灾,显示的不仅是军人的力量,更显示了他们的情怀和勇于牺牲。