Winter Wonderland in March? You bet!

Okay, I admit it. I’m a bit of a holiday music freak. I just love it! I often lament the fact that there’s such a small window of time each year where I can wholeheartedly indulge in my passion. But, I’ve come to the realization that many songs get undeservedly stuck with the dreaded “Christmas music” tag. Once December 25th rolls around they are put away till next December (well, November really!). But hey folks, winter is with us all the way to March 20! So, we have every right to be singing and listening to these songs for several MONTHS! And as a lover of this music, I have two words to say about that: “Yahoo!” and “Yippee-i-o-ki-ay!” Here are some of the songs I’m talking about – with nary a mention of Christmas and what CD’s you can find these songs in:

Christmas Cocktails 3 in SPL Catalog
Winter Wonderland from Christmas Cocktails 3

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Christmas Music for Grinches

Ok, I’ll admit it: I am a Grinch. Christmas is my least favorite holiday. Why do I despise Christmas? Well, one reason is the music. Most Christmas music is cheesy commercial schlock that gets stuck in your head and torments you for days on end. Worst of all, starting on Black Friday, it is virtually inescapable every time you step into a store or public place. Having worked in retail for 4+ years, I know how soul-killing it can be to hear the monotonous strains of “The Little Drummer Boy” for the fifth time in an hour. Thankfully, I have also discovered some Christmas albums that don’t make me want to plug my ears with wax until January 1st. Check ‘em out, fellow Grinches! Continue reading “Christmas Music for Grinches”

Christmas Stories and Poems.

A doodle by BradHaving a hard time getting in the holiday spirit? Gather round and listen to some heartwarming holiday tales and poems. My new favorite blog is USEDBUYER 2.0, a delightful collection of essays, doodles, reviews, clerihews, quotations, observations and all manner of wonderfulness from out of the mind of Brad Craft, used book buyer for the University Bookstore. It is also one of the very best places I know to get your Christmas on!  If you missed Brad’s readings of Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory, you can hear some great poems and stories for the season right here. I also had the opportunity to read a Christmas poem on NPR’s All Things Considered this week: have a listen.