Reading those censored books

Every year, the American Library Association puts out a list of the most challenged books of the previous year, plus a distressingly thick catalog of banned and challenged books. This article at The Onion made me think about all the various banned books that most of us really never read (or read for the wrong reasons), and so I resolve I’m going to pick up a few and add them to my To-Read list on GoodReads.

The Awakening by Kate Chopin
I read this in college and enjoyed it, but frankly don’t recall why it was so controversial that it was banned for decades in this country. Maybe a re-reading will shed some light on this. Continue reading “Reading those censored books”

Sissy Spacek does Scout

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee – Audiobook read by Sissy Spacek

If you’re like me, you read this book in high school because you had to but don’t remember all the details.  Harper Lee’s great novel is considered a classic for good reason – it’s powerful and gripping and deals with timeless issues of growing up and prejudice.  And listening to this book is incredible – Sissy Spacek is the perfect narrator, her voice quirky and passionate and very believable as the young girl, Scout, who is wise beyond her years.  Even if you’ve already read this book, it’s definitely worth a re-listen.  I found myself looking forward to my bus commute so that I could tune back in to Scout’s world.


~posted by Paige C.