Library Insider: A Conversation About Privacy With Becky Yoose

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the Library’s privacy efforts and what patrons can do to increase their privacy when using Library resources, so we sat down with Becky Yoose, The Seattle Public Library’s Library Applications and Systems Manager, to find out more about privacy at the Library.

What is your role in the library’s patron privacy efforts?

I have many roles! The first role is to ensure that the data we collect for evaluating services places as little risk as possible in identifying individual patron activity. Essentially, making sure that we are not unnecessarily storing personally identifiable information about patrons themselves and what the patrons do, like checkouts or computer sessions or reference questions.

"Protection" image courtesy of Blue Coat Photos via FlickrAnother role is working with the IT Director in making sure that the vendors follow the confidentiality policies that the Library has in place, ensuring that they are treating patron data as securely as we would treat it. The third role that I have is with the Open Data Initiative for the City – I am the privacy champion for the Library. Continue reading “Library Insider: A Conversation About Privacy With Becky Yoose”

I’m Just Browsing. Thank You!

In the past several months, I had the opportunity to browse through our entire nonfiction collection at the Northgate Branch. I was helping our librarians by checking the condition of  each book. That means I had to inspect every single one to make sure they’re in good condition to circulate. Sound pretty boring? Not at all! I discovered many great books that I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be interested in or known that they even exist. My reading list now includes a variety of topics.

With the secrets I learned from 1000 Best eBay Success Secrets by Greg Holden, I’m now feeling more confident in buying and selling my items online. Continue reading “I’m Just Browsing. Thank You!”

A Library In Your Pocket

The Seattle Public Library system consists of 27 buildings, including the Central Library and 26 neighborhood branches.  All together, this fair system has a total floor area of approximately 600,000 square feet, or the equivalent of 10 and a half football fields (including the end zones).

The latest version of Apple’s iPhone is 4.5 inches x 2.4 inches and is less than half an inch thick.  You can hold it in your hand.  It slides easily into your pocket.  You could place eight million iPhones, side-by-side, on the total floor area of the library.

But we did not do that.  Quite the opposite! 

I am writing to announce that – miraculously – we have figured out a way to cram your Continue reading “A Library In Your Pocket”

Will Work 4 $$$$

Back in May 2008, we posted an article on how to find ajobs-program-by-cc-attribution-license-from-woodleywonder job using resources available at The Seattle Public Library. Well, that was nine months ago, and a lot has changed!  The economy has tanked. Unemployment is at the highest point since the dot com crash. Now, more than ever, the good folks of Seattle need jobs!

We know: the only thing worse than working is looking for work. Let us try to make finding a job a little easier. Here are some resources (some new and some that have been around awhile) to help you find jobs, apply for them, Continue reading “Will Work 4 $$$$”