D.I.Y. Holiday? The Time to Start is…NOW!

Yes, yes, it’s two weeks before Thanksgiving, and for many of us it’s too early to think of the holidays. But for those who are among the ranks of making gifts for loved ones, the time to start is…NOW!  Check out these do-it-yourself books to help you make that special gift that will be cherished forever. Continue reading “D.I.Y. Holiday? The Time to Start is…NOW!”

Honoring Jim Henson and the Art of Puppetry

When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope is to leave the world a little better for having been there. – Jim Henson

On Saturday, May 13th, The Seattle Public Library is delighted to be hosting an all-day, all-ages puppeteering event called Jim Henson Con with fantastic co-sponsor, Geek Girl Con. The event will not only honor a beloved genius whose creations have captured the imaginations of people worldwide, but celebrate the art of puppetry and all of those who practice it, whether professionally or simply for the love of the craft.

Among the activities at this convention will be performances by professional puppeteers Jennifer Carroll, Rachel Jackson and Jason Mondine, puppet making opportunities, and Labyrinth and Rainbow Connection sing-alongs. Special guest Karen Prell, who worked with Jim Henson and was the voice of Red Fraggle in Fraggle Rock and the worm in “Labyrinth” will also speak at the event, which is very exciting!

Make or bring your own homemade puppet or Henson-inspired costume and you can participate in our runway show, complete with fabulous prizes! Check out our Facebook event page for the full agenda. Continue reading “Honoring Jim Henson and the Art of Puppetry”

Get Outside: Crafting

Click here to view Plant Craft in the SPL catalogI grew up in Highland Park, a neighborhood that knocks on the door of White Center, in West Seattle. It was a childhood spent outside. I had a wonderful sloping hill in my front yard that was perfect for rolling down; the grass was soft and filled with clover and daises. I’d spend a lot of my time playing hot lava monster with the neighborhood kids, walking to the local park a block away to see how high the swings could take us, enjoying quiet time alone making mud pies and daisy chains, or climbing in the giant tree that grew in the corner of my lot. There is something about the outdoors that brings that all back; our imagination shouldn’t cease at adulthood. Continue reading “Get Outside: Crafting”

October Takeover: Crafting for the Apocalypse

~posted by Carrie M.

So, it’s finally happened: the world as we know it has ended. That’s right, it’s the apocalypse, and you have found yourself as one of the few lucky survivors. Congratulations! But does living in dystopian future without all the conveniences of the past really mean that you have to give up your favorite hobbies and crafts? Absolutely not! This short list of craft books will help keep you safe, stylish, and clean while you fight your way through the scorched remains of the world.

Find Junk Genius in the SPL catalogIf you’re thinking about gadgets and gizmos to make your new life in the wastelands easier, be sure to check out Awesome Projects from Unexpected Places, Junk Genius, and The Handmade Home. These books will teach you how to repurpose all the items you’ve salvaged from the old world to make them useful again (or turn them into valuable trade objects). You can learn how to make baby slings, test tube spice racks, wooden beer mugs, how to turn old crates into portable gardens, and so much more! Continue reading “October Takeover: Crafting for the Apocalypse”

The Making of a Monster

~By Anne C.

Beasts, phantoms, despots and serial killers have thrilled and fascinated humans, time out of mind. Some of us shy away from such frightening thoughts, but others venture bravely into the dark corners of imagination, seeking out monsters, making their acquaintance, and bringing them into the light through arts and literature.

Earlier this month we explored the human relationship with monsters, both real and imagined, with a selection of psychology, sociology, and history books. In this post, we discuss the many ways of making monsters using visual and textile arts. Continue reading “The Making of a Monster”