Handling the Material: Art Techniques, Guides and Processes

In the blink of an eye rubber hits a road, a hand hits the mat, grabs hold of brush or pen as the wrist turns into a twist. Arms do the heavy lifting, the torso pivots. If this were the theater (and it is) the director would shout, “Action!” The whole body is engaged. This is about seeing the thing through. Now is the time to move the idea out of its cerebral cave into the bright light of creation. What necessary implements are needed to complete the task? Continue reading “Handling the Material: Art Techniques, Guides and Processes”

Working the Room: Making Space to Create

A place to think, to spread out, to collect one’s thoughts and work through ideas.  An environment where inspirations are realized, this is necessary to the creative process.  It can be a dining table doing double duty, the corner of a room, space in an attic or basement, but make space.  However you have to make it happen, make it happen. The place that gives you room to work is essential to an artistic practice.

If home is not an option, get creative! Consider use of limited-opportunity spaces such as in a workshop, sharing space or renting.  Work when you can as often as you can. The most important goal, however, is to have a dedicated space in which to see an idea grow. Writers have it easier than other disciplines since they can carry their “office” anywhere.  For those whose practice depends on objects or a place to get physical, locating and securing workspace is an ongoing enterprise.  SpaceFinder Seattle is an excellent place to begin your search. Continue reading “Working the Room: Making Space to Create”

Begin Bold, End Inspired: Ideas and Inspiration for the Artistically Inclined

Break open this beginning like the seed that it is! A New Year’s cold, hard exterior is full of all the necessary nutrients to carry you through to a nourishing end. Why not begin by cracking open a book, eyeing a DVD, lending your ear to a CD or eBook, anything to propel you towards that daunting dream. We all need a push sometimes, a firm hand at our back, a pull through that impossible door or one pushing us firmly down into the seat of our fear. Continue reading “Begin Bold, End Inspired: Ideas and Inspiration for the Artistically Inclined”

Halloween Costumes – DIY

If you’re anything like me, and studies show you are, Halloween has already got you in a tizzy. The big question is how to outdo your friends and families with an amazing, clever and altogether unforgettable Halloween costume.

As we all know, the best Halloween costumes are DIY (Do-it-Yourself) through and through. The venerable CityRag Blog has a great slide show of hilarious and unique DIY Halloween costumes:

If you are just looking for a good laugh you might want to check out Retro Crush for pictures of vintage costumes they proclaim are the “worst Halloween costumes of all time”.

While most of these costumes defy explanation, my personal favorite has to be Continue reading “Halloween Costumes – DIY”