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Handling the Material: Art Techniques, Guides and Processes

In the blink of an eye rubber hits a road, a hand hits the mat, grabs hold of brush or pen as the wrist turns into a twist. Arms do the heavy lifting, the torso pivots. If this were the … Continue reading

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Working the Room: Making Space to Create

A place to think, to spread out, to collect one’s thoughts and work through ideas.  An environment where inspirations are realized, this is necessary to the creative process.  It can be a dining table doing double duty, the corner of … Continue reading

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Begin Bold, End Inspired: Ideas and Inspiration for the Artistically Inclined

Break open this beginning like the seed that it is! A New Year’s cold, hard exterior is full of all the necessary nutrients to carry you through to a nourishing end. Why not begin by cracking open a book, eyeing … Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes – DIY

If you’re anything like me, and studies show you are, Halloween has already got you in a tizzy. The big question is how to outdo your friends and families with an amazing, clever and altogether unforgettable Halloween costume. As we … Continue reading

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