Mixing History with Mystery

Fellow readers, there are few things I love more than crossover titles – books with footing in multiple genres. I am a huge mystery reader, and I will follow mystery plots into many other genres. Today, let’s talk about some new mysteries that are also quite good historical fiction titles.

The Cabinets of Barnaby Mayne by Elsa Hart
In 1703 London, Barnaby Mayne is a preeminent collector, amassing two townhouses worth of cabinets containing birds, beetles, preserved snakes, jewels, and many other wonders of the world. Lady Cecily Kay has arrived to spend a week using Mayne’s dried plant collection to identify plants she has collected on her travels. But on her first day, during a tour of his collections, Mayne is murdered, with his assistant standing above him holding the knife. But something seems off about the situation, so Cecily dives into the competitive world of obsessive collectors to find the true killer. Library Journal called it a “glimpse into the intimate circles that will eventually spawn the great museums.” Continue reading “Mixing History with Mystery”

Curl Up With a Cozy Cat Mystery

As night descends sooner and sooner and light autumn rain patters on your windowsill, you may want to consider which books to read with your hot tea as you snuggle in a warm, fleece-lined blanket. Here are five cozy cat mystery series to curl up with.

Cat in the Stacks Mysteries by Miranda James
Take a trip to Athena, Mississippi where widower librarian Charlie Harris solves crimes with his Maine coon cat named Diesel.  The first book in the series has our librarian solving the murder of a local author. Be ready for some library and book themed mysteries that are real pageturners.

Bookmobile Cat Series by Laurie Cass
Want another crime-solving librarian and cat duo? Then check out the Bookmobile Cat series. Minnie Hamilton is a bookmobile librarian and her rescue cat, Eddie, helps her solve murders in the resort town of Chilson, Michigan. The first book follows Minnie and Edie as they discover the body of a local man on their bookmobile route.

Magical Cats Mysteries by Sophie Kelly
Two series about librarians wasn’t enough, huh? Well, not to worry. Here is yet another librarian, this time with two cats – and magical cats, at that! In the first book, Kathleen Paulson moves to Mayville Heights, Minnesota and soon finds herself as the prime suspect in a murder at the local music festival. Her two new cat companions, Owen and Hercules, help her clear her name and discover the real murderer. Continue reading “Curl Up With a Cozy Cat Mystery”

Spring into Suspense with these Thrilling Tales!

This Spring, Thrilling Tales – our regular lunch hour Story Time for Grown Ups – will transport you from the psychoanalyst’s couch to the funeral parlor, from suburbia to death row, from the swamp to a magical realm where dragons fly overhead. Join us, won’t you? Admission is free, and brown bag lunches are welcome! All readings begin at 12:05 in the Central Library’s Microsoft Auditorium, and are finished well before 1 p.m.

Monday, March 11: The Other Side of the Wall, by Stanley Ellin. Someone had better call the police: Dr. Schwimmer and his patient Albert are about to have a major breakthrough. Also, The Great Silence by Ted Chiang. The humans look to the stars for non-human intelligence, but we parrots are right here. Talk to us!

Monday, March 25: Homicide House, by Day Keene. He married her for her money, but Continue reading “Spring into Suspense with these Thrilling Tales!”

Snowbound! Winter Chills and Thrills

Desperate messages came flooding in, through the silent darkness of the winter nights. “Help! Snowed in at home! I need something to read!” So, adding to our recent list of Wintry reads, here are some gripping novels that revolve around winter storms.

  • The Quality of Silence, by Rosamund Lupton. An astrophysicist and her precocious hearing-disabled daughter head into a fierce storm to search the Alaska tundra for the girl’s missing father.
  • Whiteout, by Ken Follett. A missing canister containing a deadly virus forms the center of a storm that traps Stanley Oxenford, director of a medical research firm, and a violent trio of thugs in a remote house during a Christmas Eve blizzard.
  • Death Wore White, by Jim Kelly. In the midst of a line of cars stranded in a blizzard, a man is killed with a chisel andhis murderer escapes without leaving a trace.
  • Travelers Rest, by Keith Morris. When a freak snowstorm traps a family, the seek refuge in a grand, crumbling old hotel that holds some ghastly surprises in its strange, labyrinthine depths. A haunting update to Stephen King’s  The Shining.

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#BookBingoNW2018 : A Mystery or Thriller

If you’re already a mystery or thriller fan, you don’t need our help — this square is a freebie! But what if you don’t usually read crime novels? Not to worry — we have you covered: just find the kind of books you like below, and get reading!

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