#BookBingoNW2018 : A Mystery or Thriller

If you’re already a mystery or thriller fan, you don’t need our help — this square is a freebie! But what if you don’t usually read crime novels? Not to worry — we have you covered: just find the kind of books you like below, and get reading!

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Upcoming Thrilling Tales from our Story Time for Grown Ups.

For over a decade, every other Monday at noon listeners have flocked to Thrilling Tales, the Library’s story time for grownups, spending their lunch hour rapt in suspenseful narratives. Janice Leadingham, a local bookseller said in a recent article in City Arts: “Especially for impatient people, it’s good because it slows things down a bit. For one hour, you can just be.” In a recent front page article in The Seattle Times, audience member Zachary Valenter said of Thrilling Tales emcee David Wright, “He’s one of the best storytellers I’ve ever listened to. We come every week that he does the show.”

Monday, Feb. 22, 2016. Downtown reader services librarian, David Wright reading the short story, People Don’t do Such Things by Ruth Rendell during the “A Story Time for Grownups” at the Seattle downtown public library.

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Mystery Challenge: Science Fiction / Fantasy / Paranormal

~by David H.

The mystery story is one of the most flexible of stories, because a mystery can take place anywhere. The time and place don’t make any difference; all that’s required is a crime and someone to solve it. So what happens when a mystery takes place in the depths of space or on an alien world? What if the crime was committed using magic? Or what if the killer is a vampire, or a werewolf, or something much worse? Well, here are some books whose authors decided to answer those questions.

The Naked Sun in the SPL catalogScience fiction has always been a home for mystery stories. Isaac Asimov, one of the best known of the genre’s founding authors, wrote a trilogy chronicling the cases of Elijah Bailey, a human police officer, and R. Daneel Olivaw, a humanoid robot. The second novel The Naked Sun is an especially clever take on the locked room mystery: how did someone commit murder on a planet where the inhabitants can’t stand to be in the same room with each other? Tied to both Asimov’s Robot stories and his Foundation trilogy, these books are wonderful for fans of classic science fiction. Continue reading “Mystery Challenge: Science Fiction / Fantasy / Paranormal”

Mystery Challenge: Exotic Locales

~ by Selby G.

One of the many great things about reading a book is that it can take you anywhere. Can’t squeeze in a vacation to China? Read a book and follow the characters down alleyways in Shanghai or to a temple in Beijing. Combine those foreign landscapes with a good mystery and you get a fully immersive experience! Here are a few mysteries that will whisk you away to an exotic location.

Take your pick from books set in India, Turkey or Israel. Not only will The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken by Tamil Hall immerse you in Indian culture, it also includes recipes. In Body Count by Barbara Nadel, we follow two detectives trying to track down a serial killer in the narrow streets of Istanbul. In Murder in Jerusalem by Batya Gur, superintendent Ohayon must track a killer through Israel’s official television station.

Click here to find The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken in the SPL catalog Click here to find Body Count in the SPL catalogClick here to find Murder in Jerusalem in the SPL catalog

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Mystery Challenge: Historical Mysteries

~by Jen B.

If you love a good historical murder mystery, you’ll be ready for sleuths to do their own leg work and be adept at deciphering psychological clues. Although they lack modern technology and forensics, these stories, set over 50 years ago, showcase the bygone talents of great minds. A few time periods provide more fodder for heinous crimes than others. For instance, the Victorian age, during which Jack the Ripper roamed East London and Sherlock Holmes gained prominence as a consulting detective of keen intellect and masterful puzzle-solving skills. The Middle Ages and early Renaissance (5th to the 15th centuries) are also periods of intrigue tapped by many authors and loved by readers – times of religious strife, plagues, brutal living conditions and truly horrible weather. Puzzlers set just after World War I and during the Roaring Twenties are also popular with readers.

Click here to find The Face of a Stranger in the SPL catalogClick here to find The Cater Street Hangman in the SPL catalog   Click here to find The Yard in the SPL catalogClick here to find Some Danger Involved in the SPL catalog
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