Page to Screen: Never mind The Dark Tower – here comes IT!

Okay, so the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series wasn’t quite what we’d hoped for. Many fans of the books feel the film entirely missed the mark, while newcomers to King’s elaborate mythos wonder what all the fuss was about. As a film sequel seems unlikely and it may be some time until somebody brings this to big budget television where it naturally belongs, we suggest you try out the books. Better yet, listen to the audiobooks, masterfully read by Frank Muller and George Guidall over 145 hours, or as we call it in Seattle, a couple of months’ worth of commuting.

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Fantasy Checklist Challenge: Dark Fantasy

~posted by Carrie M.

What constitutes a work of “Dark Fantasy,” can be difficult to define. For our purposes, we will be looking at some works that are fantasy in the sense that they have the mandatory elements of other worlds and/or otherworldly beings, but that also contain a “dark” element such as (cue *gasps*) horror.

Find The Gunslinger in the SPL catalogThe Dark Tower series, by Stephen King, is one of my very favorites. The eight book magnum opus combines fantasy, horror, and western elements successfully for an epic series – both in written word and graphic novel form. The story follows “The Gunslinger,” Rolland Deschain, as he travels his world in order to reach the Dark Tower – the nexus point of all universes. Along the way Rolland encounters numerous enemies and monsters, many gruesome and bloody battles, and even traverses between his universe and ours while preparing to battle The Crimson King. Be warned that the action scenes in this series definitely fall into the “dark” aspect of this subgenre, but once you start with book one (The Gunslinger), you won’t be able to stop. Continue reading “Fantasy Checklist Challenge: Dark Fantasy”