Learn to Use Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage

Don’t miss an upcoming opportunity to learn about one of our business and investment databases, Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage on Thursday, March 12 at the Central Library. There will be two 90-minute sessions, one from noon-1:30 and one from 6-7:30 pm.

Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage is an excellent resource for company, industry, and investment information. Dan Sovocool, S&P’s representative, will provide an overview of this service to demonstrate how NetAdvantage can supply high-quality business data.

Plan on attending if you are interested in such topics as:
– Business plan development, including in-depth company and industry analysis.
– Personal investments in stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, or corporate bonds, including how to find appropriate investments based on your particular objectives.
– The latest commentary and analysis on business and economic events.

You are welcome to come with questions on how NetAdvantage may meet your specific business & investment information needs.

Library events and programs are free and everyone is welcome. Registration is required. Call 206-386-4636 and ask to register for Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage.

Will Work 4 $$$$

Back in May 2008, we posted an article on how to find ajobs-program-by-cc-attribution-license-from-woodleywonder job using resources available at The Seattle Public Library. Well, that was nine months ago, and a lot has changed!  The economy has tanked. Unemployment is at the highest point since the dot com crash. Now, more than ever, the good folks of Seattle need jobs!

We know: the only thing worse than working is looking for work. Let us try to make finding a job a little easier. Here are some resources (some new and some that have been around awhile) to help you find jobs, apply for them, Continue reading “Will Work 4 $$$$”

Bus Talk

Perfect! For once, the bus and I are in sync. I arrive at my bus stop just in time to catch the #12 down Madison to the Central Library. Rarely do Metro and I have such synergy. Even better, a friend of my partner’s is gettng on the bus and we sit down and chat it up. After the usual how you doin’, she mentions she needs to revive her Spanish speaking skills because, even though she’s fluent, she doesn’t get a chance to speak Spanish lately. She said she’s afraid she’s losing her ability to carry on a conversation. “Hey”, I tell her,  “we just got a new language database at the Library. You can use it from home. All you have to do is log on to your account and click on the  Databases and Websites link on the home page. Then you just go to the link for Databases A-Z and look for the  “Mango Languages” database. Very cool (I think to myself).

Then she tells me she has an assignment for a scholarship she just got from Seattle U. She has to re-do her resume by Friday (this is Tuesday morning). “Guess what?”, I tell her. “We just got another new database for creating resumes. It’s called “Resume Builder. Go to www.spl.org and type in “Resume Builder” in the seach box and select the “Search…This Site” button. Or you can use the same “Databases A-Z”  list you used to find the Mango Languages database.

We are both amazed that in the time it took to go a mile and a half her most pressing information questions were answered.  And if that weren’t enough, after I get off the bus and wave goodbye, a woman comes up to me on the sidewalk and says, “Thanks for the information”. I ask her what she means and she tells me, “I have to re-do my resume this week too!”

All this before I even GET to work. It’s a good day to be a librarian!

What information did you share today?

Bored No More


Kids-can’t live with them and can’t live without them,  but you can keep them reading no matter where they are or what time it is! Your online children’s reading resources are waiting for you.

The Seattle Public Library’s Web site has a Children’s section with great resources and reading ideas for your kids.  There are on-line resources to hear and/or read books. Some of your children will already be familiar with Tumblebooks as it is used in the Seattle Public Schools. And we have developed many booklists to help you choose great books for your family.

Here are a few handy tips for when those rainy “I’m bored” days (inevitably) come along. Continue reading “Bored No More”

New Database: Value Line Research Center Online

The Seattle Public Library is now offering the Value Line Research Center Online!  It is available on all library computers and remotely through our website. 

The database features the online version of the popular Value Line Investment Survey that analyzes approximately 1,700 stocks in 98 industries, the stock market, and the economy. 

In addition, our subscription includes access to the 1,800 stocks in the Small and Mid-Cap Edition and provides access to additional data: 4,500 database companies, the Mutual Fund Survey,  Daily Options, Special Situations, and Convertibles.  Value Line also provides “How to Invest” guides in the Education section including a popular guide for new investors, “How to Invest in Common Stocks.”  Investors love the stock screening tools with preset and customized screens that help meet investing goals.  Online access includes tutorials that help navigate the site. 

To access Value Line Research Center, go to the library’s website and click on Databases & Websites.  Under Categories click on Business, Finance & Fundraising and scroll down to Value Line.  If you are outside the library or using a laptop, you will be asked to enter your library card number and pin number when you click on the link to Value Line.   

We hope you take advantage of Value Line Research Center Online!