Three smart, witty authors you want to read

I’m pretty sure you all know that David Sedaris has a new book, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls. Maybe you’re even one of the 1,095 people on the waiting lists for our 217 copies (that’s five different formats: print, large print, CD, eaudio and ebook). But there are some other writers out there who are funny. And this month* is the perfect time to get to know these three a little better: Continue reading “Three smart, witty authors you want to read”

What’s funny?

Sometimes we just want a funny book, but our definitions of “funny” differ widely according to individual taste, background and predilection. When I was six going on sixteen I thought my mother’s sense of humor was just bizarre. She loved Jerry Lewis, Tony Curtis and Lucille Ball: it was the slapstick humor she loved. To me, this kind of humor seemed mindless and slightly wrong, since it’s not particularly funny when people fall or get clobbered by a flowerpot. It’s not funny to me. I can’t bear to watch “Funniest Home Videos” – all those poor injured animals and people lying in agony while their loved ones film the whole thing. Others, like Mom, love this type of humor. So when people say they want to relax with a funny book or movie, it’s a crapshoot whether anyone else will love their choice. So, maybe Continue reading “What’s funny?”

Audiobooks Obsession: Read by the Author

As a fervent believer in the “So Many Books So Little Time” school of thought, I can add to my scarcely allotted and woefully inadequate reading time by listening to audiobooks. I can get more books “read” by using commuting time, exercise time, household chore time (except vacuuming does not work too well) and time wasted playing Solitaire on the computer to listen to books. My current obsession is to listen to books that are read by the authors themselves. It is amazing to me that these writers not only write such wonderful books but they can perform their work beautifully as well. Continue reading “Audiobooks Obsession: Read by the Author”