Money Smart Week: Household Budgeting

Like many good things, sound financial planning starts at home. It’s your money and you work hard for it – do you know where it all goes? All the places money can go in our daily lives – why it goes there, where it should go (and should not go), where it could go to in the future – are ideas that are addressed in household finance and personal budgeting. Continue reading “Money Smart Week: Household Budgeting”

Money Smart Week: Eliminating credit card debt

photo by cc attribution by Images_of_Money on flickrCredit card debt can feel like a heavy burden. It can be frustrating and anxiety provoking to pay high interest rates month after month. Paying only the minimum payment each month keeps many cardholders in “perma–debt,” a state many families have come to accept as normal. But never fear – there is hope. You can become debt free! Continue reading “Money Smart Week: Eliminating credit card debt”