Strength Training for the Everyday Person

With the arrival of summer, there is no better time to up our activity levels. Athletic training is just one of the ways to do this, and it can be a lot of fun and yield great results as well. You’ve probably encountered terms like strength and conditioning, strength training, circuit training, and plyometrics before. Even though they might sound intimidating (at least they do for me), there are some excellent books out there to demystify these concepts and help you apply the key principles to achieving your fitness goals. Continue reading “Strength Training for the Everyday Person”

Top 10 Fight Scenes in Film

~posted by Di Z.

Martial arts have been in film for almost as long as major motion pictures have existed. First appearing in Shanghai in the 1920s, martial arts flicks have become a major genre in film with worldwide stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Jean Claude Van Damm, Jet Li, and many more. This list is not at all exhaustive, it is merely a start on your journey to discovering great martial arts movies. Each of the fight scenes mentioned has a link to view the fight, and the full film is available for a free rental through the Seattle Public Library. Continue reading “Top 10 Fight Scenes in Film”

Getting Educated on Startup Weekend EDU

~posted by Di Z.

One week ago, The Seattle Public Library hosted another successful Startup Weekend EDU Seattle. For the second year in a row, participants gathered at the Central Library throughout the weekend to tackle issues in education and craft amazing presentations for Sunday’s finale.


Continue reading “Getting Educated on Startup Weekend EDU”

A New Way to Read Biographies

~posted by Di Z.

The Infinite Wait and Other StoriesIn The Infinite Wait and Other Stories, Julia Wertz recounts the time she was diagnosed with lupus and was not able to read novels, one of her favorite pastimes. Wertz’s condition gave her intense headaches and the inability to concentrate, resulting in her trying without success to finish the same paragraph for an hour. As a last resort for entertainment, Wertz started reading comic books and quickly fell in love with them.

She realized that comics were not just newspaper funnies or Calvin and Hobbes-type books that were nostalgic remnants of her childhood. Comics can be poignant, philosophical, and funny in very adult ways, too. Comic books and graphic novels also make perfect reading material for people on the go, those who don’t normally read books, or people who have difficulty focusing on text alone. Continue reading “A New Way to Read Biographies”

All in the Boat

By Di Z.

Fresh Off the Boat CoverEddie Huang is a brash, early-30s restaurateur and TV personality who’s been making waves in pop culture for the last half decade, which in today’s world seems like a lifetime. Those who have followed Huang can instantly recognize his quasi New York accent which he acquired from years of listening to Biggie and Wu-Tang Clan (he’s an Orlando native) and an apparently endless supply of quotables which suggest he is somewhat of a cross between street scholar and entertainer: “I love the idea of America. America is the best show running in the world right now.”

Currently you can catch Huang on several TV shows. He is a frequent guest on Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Huang is also a judge on the MTV Food Show Snack-Off, where contestants each cook a meal in an allotted time and the judges decide which meal deserves the most props. Continue reading “All in the Boat”