I am now a Dog Owner and Lover

~posted by Marion

In 2012, 34.5% of U.S. households owned 36,117,000 cats and 36.5% owned 43,346,000 dogs. These figures come from the American Veterinary Medical Association. That’s a lot of us with Felis catuses and domesticated canids. As of this summer, I joined the latter group after my family adopted two rescue dogs; coming to us already named Kate and Diana, one outgoing and the other shy. Quite a change since I grew up with two cats and occasional litters of kittens, then owned two cats in my younger adult years. Here are some titles to help those of us new or interested in the world of dogs and their behaviors, needs and lifestyles. Continue reading “I am now a Dog Owner and Lover”

The Best Nap of the Year …

— by Ann G.             

… is, of course, the nap after Thanksgiving dinner!  Most of us believe it’s because we are at the mercy of the chemical tryptophan, which is found in turkey, milk and quite a few other foods.  Apparently, it’s more likely that it’s the piled-high plates than the turkey itself that make us sleepy, but it’s still interesting to do a little research about the soporific qualities of this naturally-occurring drug.  Let’s take a little journey through the library’s databases, shall we?

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Do you speak dog?

Picture of a dog's nose in closeup.Do you have dog friends? You know, the ones that didn’t have kids, they had dogs instead? Yep, I’m one of those.  We don’t mean to drive you crazy with our stories about how smart, funny and devoted our dogs are or how recalcitrant, devious, and amusing they can be. Those of us owned by dogs have long known how smart dogs are and we now have science to prove it.  Animal behaviorists and trainers are learning more and more about how complex the human/dog relationship really is and here’s the kicker…we’re not the amazing part in that duo!  Here are three books that will give you some insight, not just into dogs, but those pesky, dog-loving friends of yours:   Continue reading “Do you speak dog?”

Cold nose, warm heart – a dog’s life

I am a working dog: I protect, I comfort, I listen. I am a good dog. Here are some of my stories.

Dog Heroes: Saving Lives and Protecting America by Jen Bidner

Dog HeroesThis history of canine search and rescue celebrates brave dogs with special talents, such as detecting skin cancer and locating unmarked Civil War graves.

Dogs with Jobs by Kim Kachanoff and Merrily Weisbord

Demonstrating the amazing variety of jobs dogs undertake, this book introduces dogs like Mas, an Italian water rescue dog; Tammy, who sniffs out smugglers in South Africa; and Snooper, a Beagle that can help save your house from termite destruction. Continue reading “Cold nose, warm heart – a dog’s life”

A Tribute to Old Dogs

Our beloved dogs age all too quickly. Fondly remembered is this old and faithful companion. There’s no mistaking her senior status with that gray muzzle on black fur. It was some time ago when she departed for the great dog park beyond. But, as they say, old dogs don’t die – they just join cyberspace…

You’ll enjoy reading about their charming ways in the wonderful works below. Older dogs need special attention and understanding in their vulnerable years. The following guidebooks on caring for them are recommended.
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