Missing Mad Men? Meet the Real Don Draper

I miss Mad Men. Not any particular character or plot line: I miss the feel of it. That blend of humor and heartbreak, tinged with an uneasy dread that one might easily assume to be bygone innocence viewed through the lens of contemporary disillusionment and cynicism. Yet far more that the show’s meticulous period details and cultural conventions, the most authentically vintage aspect of Mad Men was that very sense of mid-century malaise, reflected by the books and movies of the time.
Don Draper Swimming long

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Science Fiction Fridays: A science fiction reading list for Mad Men’s Don Draper

space_merchantsThe Space Merchants by Frederik Pohl
In an over-populated future, Mitch Courtenay follows fame and fortune as one of the best ad copywriters in the solar system. But how does one sell products on worlds were resources are scarce but the desire to consume products is overwhelming? A dark and unflinchingly hilarious look at the uniquely American invention of advertising as religion. It’s a compressed little epic that is topical and timeless like the best satirical works of Kurt Vonnegut Continue reading “Science Fiction Fridays: A science fiction reading list for Mad Men’s Don Draper”