BookFlix: A Fun Learning Database for Children

posted by Duan

Book FlixAs a Seattle Public Library card holder, you can not only check out books, books on CDs, DVDs, and music CDs for your children by visiting your local branch, you can also remotely access many library-subscribed databases at home. If you want to help your child become a fluent, confident, and independent reader, I’d recommend you to check out the fun database BookFlix. Continue reading “BookFlix: A Fun Learning Database for Children”

Books on Near-Death Experiences

Click here to view Dying to Be Me in the SPL catalogDying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer to Near Death, to True Healing by Anita Moorjani
A fascinating account of a woman’s remarkable near-death experience in which she finds her path in life.  Born to Indian parents in Singapore, growing up in Hong Kong, and educated by British education, Moorjani was an outsider from the very beginning culturally, religiously and spiritually. This contributed to her difficult life before she was diagnosed with cancer in April 2002. After almost four years of fighting the disease, her body began shutting down and subsequently she went into a coma. As she lay in a coma, she entered into an incredible near-death experience where she realized the actual cause of her disease. From this near-death experience, she found that her own inner strength could save her and decided to come back. Upon regaining consciousness, Moorjani recovered completely from cancer with unthinkable speed.

Click here to view Proof of Heaven in the SPL catalogProof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into Afterlife by Eben Alexander
As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Alexander saw that near-death experiences are illusions produced by brains under extreme stress. When a rare disease attacked his own brain, Dr. Alexander Continue reading “Books on Near-Death Experiences”

Columbia Branch Staff’s Favorites

The Columbia Branch staff put up a popular Staff Picks display throughout July to celebrate this year’s Summer Reading Program. Here are some of the books the Columbia Branch staff loved:

Find "Blankets" in the SPL catalog.Blankets by Craig Thompson
This graphic novel tells a story of coming of age, first love and early adulthood. Thompson captures those timeless themes perfectly in a comic strip form that has won resounding acclaim from both critics and general readers. Continue reading “Columbia Branch Staff’s Favorites”

Learning history from comic books

 I didn’t think I was a fan of comic books, but after reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, my view of comic books completely changed.”I found that the comic book format particularly makes learning history more enjoyable due to its lively pictures and brief narrative.

I recently read three American history comic books that I happened to lay my eyes on when I was browsing for American history books in The Seattle Public Library’s catalog. I had a fun experience reading them and would like to share them with other readers. Continue reading “Learning history from comic books”

Ed Young’s children’s picture books

I fell in love with Ed Young’s children’s picture books when I was taking a children’s literature class at the library school I attended.

Many of his stories that I love are drawn from folktales of different cultures and teach moral lessons to children through his simple text and stunning illustrations.

Mouse Match cover imageMouse Match, an ancient Chinese tale, tells the importance of recognizing the value of those who are around us. What about Me is an ancient fable from the Sufi tradition that says: we receive when we are giving and “knowledge comes to us when we least expect it.” I, Doko: The Tale of a Basket, which originated from Nepal, tells us how to treat elders. Donkey Trouble retells an Arabian story that conveys the truth that to prosper one must follow his own heart. Continue reading “Ed Young’s children’s picture books”