A book I’d overlooked

Walking around the library I have to deliberately ignore the shelves sometimes, shutting out the siren song of all those stories crying out to be read. Some I’ve always meant to read, but many more are perfect strangers to me: little worlds languishing on the lower shelves, waiting to be opened.

One especially beguiling title I just couldn’t ignore was a reprint of Walter de la Mare’s curious 1921 novel Memoirs of a Midget. I mean, once you’ve seen it, how are you not going to pick that up? The otherwise nameless Miss M’s bucolic childhood ends when her parents die, forcing her to make her way into an unfamiliar world that is inclined to view her as a curiosity, given that she is somewhere around two feet tall.  Continue reading “A book I’d overlooked”

Peter Dinklage: Larger than Life

It’s funny how people see me and treat me,

since I’m really just a simple,

boring person.

There is just something about Peter Dinklage that I find so fascinating and it’s not the fact that he is a little person. The depth of his characters far exceed his four feet five inches.

After his father’s death, Daniel, played by Matthew MacFadyen, has the unfortunate task of planning the funeral, from handling the costs rather then being able to invest in a flat for him and his wife Jane, to ensuring the relatives all arrive since the dreadful Uncle Alfie is wheelchair bound, and giving the eulogy rather than his famous author brother. Then as if that weren’t enough things begin to spiral downward even more with a mysterious guest lurking about, played by Peter Dinklage, a bottle of Valium that’s not actually Valium, and male nudity. All this wrapped up with an incredible cast makes Death at A Funeral anything, but boring. Continue reading “Peter Dinklage: Larger than Life”