Alaska beckons

Chilkoot Pass Steps by George G. Cantwell

It’s been quite the hot summer — it has many of us dreaming of going even further north to catch some cool breezes and gain additional daylight hours to play in. Alaska beckons!

Ann says:

Alaska is vast, beautiful and unforgiving. Many men (and a few women) have been lured to Alaska by its beauty and its promise of gold.

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Nightstand Reads: Science reporter Sandi Doughton on earthquakes

FullRipSeattle Times science reporter Sandi Doughton’s book Full-Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest  covers the scientists who are trying to understand when, where, and how big the next earthquake will be. She’ll be discussing her book and research next Tuesday, June 18, at 7 p.m. at the Central Library. And today she’s our guest blogger, telling us her take on other earthquake books.

When I set out to write a book (my first) about earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest, I didn’t find a lot of models for what I wanted to do.

There are several worthy books out there that take the “all about earthquakes” approach. A couple I would recommend for anyone who wants to delve into the science are:

Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest by Robert Yeats. A professor at Oregon State University, Bob is the dean of earthquake researchers in the region. Originally skeptical that the 600-mile long fault off the Northwest Coast could unleash monster earthquakes and tsunamis, he became an evangelist for public education once the evidence became irrefutable. Continue reading “Nightstand Reads: Science reporter Sandi Doughton on earthquakes”