Going Veg.

Two months ago, I made the change to a plant-based diet, largely eliminating my consumption of meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. While I’ve certainly had my share of challenges since then, going meatless has also allowed me to appreciate food in new ways.

Many people choose to be vegetarian or vegan for ethical reasons; others adopt a plant-based diet for health reasons. For me, it was a combination of the two. Still others are curious about what it’s like to live with fewer animal products. Maybe you’re interested in trying it out, but have no idea where to start and how to do it in a healthful, balanced way. Whatever your reason for reading this far, here are some resources for venturing into the plant-based world should you choose to do so. Continue reading “Going Veg.”

It is never just about food

I may end up regretting this. After all, Seattle is a pretty organic, locavore, foodie, green sustainable culture sort of place.  And perhaps, I should establish my credentials by saying up front – we’ve been an organic, sustainable, grow it and preserve it, co-op purchasing family for over 30 years.  But — I’m getting a bit fed up. Fed up with the all or nothing attitudes of so many in both the locavore and the agribusiness communities.

My frustration started when I read The Town That Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food by Ben Hewitt.  It’s a good book, engaging and well written with lots of personal connection between the author and his subject.  But it really started me thinking in ways that Hewitt perhaps didn’t intend.  If this small town in Vermont is the model for the future of sustainable food cultivation, as Hewitt implies, then all the folk in New York, LA, Minneapolis, Atlanta — well you get my drift — all those folk are out of luck. Cities as we know them can’t exist in the world that Hewitt is describing.  How can you possibly grow enough food to feed the population of New York within 100 miles of that city? What do you do in the depths of winter?  And if Continue reading “It is never just about food”