New Always Available eBook Collection

I love living – and being a librarian – in a city of readers, but I won’t lie: the eBook hold queues can be intense. New this month are 170 eBooks that are always available – no holds, no wait! Here are some highlights to get you started.

Book Club Picks

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Nuevos títulos en español en la Biblioteca / New Spanish books in the Library

La Biblioteca Pública de Seattle, como muchas otras bibliotecas durante la pandemia; siguió comprando libros en español, dándole énfasis a otro formato, los ebook o libros electrónicos. A muchos usuarios de la biblioteca no les gusta leer libros en formato electrónico. Y yo soy una de ellas, me gusta el olor a libro nuevo, a acariciar el lomo de un libro, repasar sus páginas y regresar unas páginas atrás si quiero. Algo que no podemos hacer en Kindle, por ejemplo; además son muy fríos y de tanto en tanto tenemos que cargar la batería. ¿Verdad? 

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Short Stories on a Theme

There are times when it may be hard to focus on a long novel, so a short story might be a better choice. You can pick up a book of short stories and read one or all. Many compilations feature different authors coming together to focus on one theme and giving you a selection of stories in varying styles and genres to choose from. Short stories can be a fun break from your normal reading or a long thoughtful pause about the meaning hidden inside the story. I’ve provided a list of different types of short stories you can find as an eBook. Hopefully one will strike your fancy!

Echoes: The Saga Anthology of Ghost Stories,Image of book cover for Echoes edited by Ellen Datlow

A short story collection can never be complete for me without one edited by Ellen Datlow. I’ve read anothologies by Datlow since junior high. This anthology collects ghost stories together for a deliciously creepy time. Either read it now or wait until closer to Halloween; it’ll be a treat either way. Continue reading “Short Stories on a Theme”

Fiction eBooks – Available NOW!

Hundreds of Always Available fiction eBooks are now available until June 30th due to the generosity of several publishers and distributors. Check some out while you wait for your holds to be filled and for the library to reopen.

This collection is particularly a boon for fans of translated fiction. Some highlights include Sayaka Murata’s breakout English-language debut Convenience Store Woman, a spare novel that questions the push to conform to societal expectations as seen through the experiences of 36-year-old convenience store clerk Keiko Furukawa. Hotel Silence by Audur Ava Ólafsdóttir is a tender, lighthearted novel with a dark premise, as suicidal Icelander Jonas Ebeneser travels to a war-torn country only to find himself needed by a brother and sister duo operating the titular Hotel. The translation of Argentinian writer Silvina Ocampo’s debut collection of short stories Forgotten Journey (published 1937), is full of short, dreamlike vignettes populated by singular characters and evocative of Argentina’s landscape, both urban and rural. Black Moses by Alain Mabanckou is an incisively witty coming-of-age novel set in the Republic of the Congo from the 1970s-1990s. And if you’re looking for a classic, check out The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. Continue reading “Fiction eBooks – Available NOW!”

Noteworthy Nonfiction eBooks – Available NOW!

Thanks to the generosity of several publishers and distributors, The Seattle Public Library now provides access to hundreds of Always Available nonfiction eBooks until June 30th! While you wait for your holds to be filled and for the library to reopen, check some of these out.

Five National Book Award nominees are available, including two winners: Sarah M. Broom’s searing memoir The Yellow House (2019), which chronicles her family’s hundred year history through the family house in New Orleans, and Jeffrey Stewart’s The New Negro (2018), a biography of the “Father of the Harlem Renaissance” (this also won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography in 2018). Nominees include Tressie McMillan Cottom’s smart and provocative essay collection Thick (2019); Albert Woodfox’s devastating memoir Solitary (2019) about spending four decades in solitary confinement; and Strangers in Their Own Land (2018), where Berkeley-based author Arlie Russell Hochschild finds common ground with people on the conservative end of the political spectrum. Continue reading “Noteworthy Nonfiction eBooks – Available NOW!”