Edible Garden series: Confessions of a compost queen

edible_gardening_banner-575x225Not only will red worms eat your garbage, but these girls/guys may take a bigger place in your life than you imagine. You’ll find yourself, even if you’re the prudish sort, gleefully discussing their male/femaleness and digging through your worm bin show off their eggs at when you have parties. You’ll make proclamations like, “Earthworms are the intestines of the planet!” and you won’t be kidding. Continue reading “Edible Garden series: Confessions of a compost queen”

Edible Garden Series: Coming soon to a library near you!


The days are getting longer, choosing shoes in the morning is a low-stakes version of Russian roulette/exercise in futility (rain boots or strappy sandals?), the scent of cherry blossoms is in the air, and the first Pacific Northwest Halibut has shown up at Pike Place Market– all signs point to spring!  And what is spring in Seattle without gardening? Continue reading “Edible Garden Series: Coming soon to a library near you!”