Startup Weekend EDU From an Educator’s Perspective

melanie-sweduMelanie Kong is an Engineering/Math Teacher at the Tesla STEM High School in Lake Washington School District and co-founder of Floop, winner of the 2015 Seattle Startup Weekend EDU and Global Startup Battle Education track. This year’s Startup Weekend EDU is just around the corner, November 18-20, at the Seattle Public Library.

Last Year, Startup Weekend EDU started with rapid-fire pitches. In one minute each, participants shared their idea for improving education. One problem pitched by an educator jumped out to me: Teachers don’t have enough time to give the high-quality feedback that students need. Floop would enable a fast feedback loop between students and teachers. As a high school math and engineering teacher, I related with this problem all too well. I was even carrying around my paper stack of 150 quizzes with the hope that I could grade during downtime.
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Getting Educated on Startup Weekend EDU

~posted by Di Z.

One week ago, The Seattle Public Library hosted another successful Startup Weekend EDU Seattle. For the second year in a row, participants gathered at the Central Library throughout the weekend to tackle issues in education and craft amazing presentations for Sunday’s finale.


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