Click! Photography through the Lens of History

Click! A photograph is a precise record of an irretrievable instant, locked within the borders of a frame that transcends time. Did you know that the history of the camera predates the history of photography? Check out 100 Ideas that Changed Photography for more eye opening discoveries of how a room-sized device came to be held in the palm of our hands.

Once a purview of the few, cameras are, today, ubiquitous and unavoidable. A lot of thinking and experimentation went into the process of refining the photographic process. In A History of Photography in 50 Cameras you have a front row seat to technological changes that made it possible for the camera to become a necessary part and partner of memory making. Continue reading “Click! Photography through the Lens of History”

Fall Book Group Reads: Jen’s Nonfiction picks

Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, death and hope in a Mumbai undercity by Katherine Boo
Based on relentless fact-finding and reporting, this harrowing story of hope and devastation in a poverty-strewn makeshift Indian town is told from the perspectives of those who live and die in Annawadi. Groups will discuss worldwide economic inequality and solutions for injustice against the powerless, government corruption and how the media exacerbate problems and whether or not a common can morality dictate public reaction to private suffering. Continue reading “Fall Book Group Reads: Jen’s Nonfiction picks”