Favorite Picture Books of 2017

The “Best Books of the Year” lists are out in abundance, and your Children’s Librarians from the Seattle Public Library are eager to share some of their favorite books of the year as well.

Picture books will always be my favorite format for children’s books. There’s so much variety, so much invention, and they simply provide a perfect way to explore the world one book at a time. You are never too old to enjoy the magical combination of illustration and storytelling, and 2017 was a particularly great year for picture books. We have 50 favorites to share with you!  Below are just a few books I found particularly special.

Every year, I seem to find one picture book I want to share with everyone, and this year that book was The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet by Carmen Agra Deedy. It’s a fantastic read-aloud, and little ones will surely want to crow along with you! Kee Kee Kree Kee!  Colorful and quirky illustrations bring this story of resilience to life. The town is too noisy, and its residents are up in arms. But when a new mayor begins to enforce a glut of rules, the town does finally grow quiet – too quiet – until this determined rooster shows the citizens just how important it is to sing your own song, and to sing a song for others. It’s a nuanced exploration of community building and social justice. Continue reading “Favorite Picture Books of 2017”

Seattle Public Library’s Favorite Picture Books of 2014

Posted by Erin M.

Can we all take a moment to celebrate the magic of a picture book? I am constantly amazed by the artistic and literary talent brought out in what is perhaps my favorite book format. The interplay between illustrations and prose found in a great picture book creates a special impact found nowhere else in the book world. So, it’s not surprising that through these books, many children first discover the magic of reading.

This year, it seems there was an abundance of great picture books, capturing everything from whimsy to wonder in fewer than 40 pages. Seattle Public Library’s Children’s Librarians have come up with a list of their favorites, and we are sharing them with you. What were some of your favorite picture books of 2014?

sparkySparky by Jenny Offill

A sloth is a sloth and nothing else. Sparky may not be able to kick like a Kung Fu fighter, fetch a stick, or play hide-and-seek, but this slow moving creature is still irresistible. This is a simple story about expectations and choosing to love someone for who they are. Delightful watercolor illustrations with a retro feel add something special to this understated and sweet tale of acceptance and love. Continue reading “Seattle Public Library’s Favorite Picture Books of 2014”

The Power of Truth: Easy Biographies for Kids

Sometimes a book that tells a true story of a fantastic adventure or a monumental idea that changed the world can overshadow any picture book or work of fiction, simply because the story is true. There is something very powerful about telling a child, this story actually happened. Done well, children’s books can bring events in history to life and show children the immense possibilities that exist in our world, the challenges that can be overcome, and that dreams can come true.

Our libraries are packed full of biographies, but today I want to share a few great ones available for the younger set. Much like a picture book, these biographies include beautiful illustrations, an engaging story, and the ability to excite children about history and people’s impact on the world. Continue reading “The Power of Truth: Easy Biographies for Kids”

Emotional Picture Books: Picture Books about Feelings

Posted by Erin M.

Children experience a range of emotions every day. They can go from happy to frustrated to angry in mere moments, and every child experiences and expresses their emotions differently. Helping children understand and communicate those emotions is a big task, but sharing picture books with children may be one way to start. Finding the right picture books can be a challenge, but luckily your librarians are here to help.

Click here to view The Feelings Book in the SPL catalogTodd Parr’s The Feelings Book is a great introduction to the world of emotions. Bright colors and childlike illustrations make this a great starting point for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to expose children to the world of “feelings”. The feelings described aren’t necessarily your standard ‘happy,’ ‘sad,’ and ‘mad’, but more to the tune of, “Sometimes I feel like looking out the window all day.” This book will be sure to make you and your little one giggle and smile. Continue reading “Emotional Picture Books: Picture Books about Feelings”

Find the Zoo at the Library!

A visit to the zoo is a great family outing during the summer months, and sharing a book or two with your kids before, during, or after your visit can be a great way to infuse literacy and learning into a fun filled day with the animals. There are so many great books about the zoo, but below are just a few of my favorites.

Sick DayA Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead

Every day, zookeeper Amos McGee would take time out of his day to visit his animal friends, whether it’s playing chess with Elephant or reading stories to Owl, but one day he wakes to aches and chills. He decides to take the day off from work, but when he doesn’t show, his animal friends grow worried and pay him a visit at home. This sweet story is accompanied by charming pencil illustrations that won this title the Caldecott Medal in 2011. Continue reading “Find the Zoo at the Library!”