Emotional Picture Books: Picture Books about Feelings

Posted by Erin M.

Children experience a range of emotions every day. They can go from happy to frustrated to angry in mere moments, and every child experiences and expresses their emotions differently. Helping children understand and communicate those emotions is a big task, but sharing picture books with children may be one way to start. Finding the right picture books can be a challenge, but luckily your librarians are here to help.

Click here to view The Feelings Book in the SPL catalogTodd Parr’s The Feelings Book is a great introduction to the world of emotions. Bright colors and childlike illustrations make this a great starting point for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to expose children to the world of “feelings”. The feelings described aren’t necessarily your standard ‘happy,’ ‘sad,’ and ‘mad’, but more to the tune of, “Sometimes I feel like looking out the window all day.” This book will be sure to make you and your little one giggle and smile. Continue reading “Emotional Picture Books: Picture Books about Feelings”

Find the Zoo at the Library!

A visit to the zoo is a great family outing during the summer months, and sharing a book or two with your kids before, during, or after your visit can be a great way to infuse literacy and learning into a fun filled day with the animals. There are so many great books about the zoo, but below are just a few of my favorites.

Sick DayA Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead

Every day, zookeeper Amos McGee would take time out of his day to visit his animal friends, whether it’s playing chess with Elephant or reading stories to Owl, but one day he wakes to aches and chills. He decides to take the day off from work, but when he doesn’t show, his animal friends grow worried and pay him a visit at home. This sweet story is accompanied by charming pencil illustrations that won this title the Caldecott Medal in 2011. Continue reading “Find the Zoo at the Library!”

Family Reads: Trains and Trails

SThe Boundlessummer is finally here! Kids are out of school and vacations are under way, which means it’s a great time for kids to stock up on some great summer reads. I always love to start summer with a grand adventure, and I think many kids will as well. Kenneth Oppel’s The Boundless fits the bill perfectly. Can it get grander than a 7 mile long train equipped with a pool, lounge, billiards, dining cars and sleeping cars? Combine this with circus performers, Sasquatch attacks, and a murder mystery, and you’ve got yourself a ‘grand adventure’ on tracks. Even better, it offers a little bit of local interest. This historical fantasy brings to life the early railroads of Canada and the Pacific Northwest, and Will Everett’s escapades aboard The Boundless are sure to entertain! Continue reading “Family Reads: Trains and Trails”

Summer of Learning: Zone in This Summer!

On June 23rd, the Seattle Public Library will be launching a brand new Summer of Learning program!

Zone in Graphic

Zone In: Explore, Create, Connect!

So, what’s so new and exciting about this summer program? This year, SPL is taking reading to whole new level! Many of you may have heard about a new focus in education and libraries called STEM, an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. More recently STEM has transformed into STEAM which includes the all-important “art” component which encourages ingenuity and design within the STEM framework. So, not only will the youth of Seattle be encouraged to read this summer, but also explore the world around them through science, create new and exciting projects – anything from poetry to robots, and also connect with new ideas through innovative programming offered at our libraries. Continue reading “Summer of Learning: Zone in This Summer!”

Found in a Book

Posted by Erin M.

Recently, the Greenwood Branch of the Seattle Public Library displayed a remarkable collection of bookmarks in their front window, an assortment of tickets, photos, bumper stickers, stamps, playing cards, feathers, postcards, really anything that could fit easily between two pages. Individually, these objects aren’t terribly interesting or important, but when brought together as a collection, it becomes a fascinating snapshot of human life.

???????????????????????????????I am the first to admit to using anything and everything as a bookmark, usually grabbing the closest thing in reach and absent mindedly shoving it into my book, anything of course but an actual bookmark. Apparently this human habit has been going on for at least the last century. Bookseller, Michael Popek has been finding “treasures within treasures,” or small pieces of memorabilia tucked inside books for years, and since 2007 he has been sharing that collection on his blog www.forgottenbookmarks.com. Now, some of his most interesting finds can be found in the book: Continue reading “Found in a Book”