Spring into Pacific Northwest Food

Never have I ever been so excited for spring! Each sliver of sun has me beaming as blooms burst forth from their winter burrows. And with spring sprung, all I can think about is our delicious PNW food.

Image courtesy of Gemma Billings via Flickr

Now, let’s be clear: I don’t actually enjoy cooking… My husband is the chef in our house. I do the dishes, so it’s perfect. But I just can’t stop drooling over our abundant CSAs and citywide farmers markets, our butcher shops and charcuterie masters, and all of the upcoming amazing food events. Most recently, I’ve been tempted to eat out even more at women-owned, POC-owned, and immigrant-supporting restaurants. Every time I turn around, there’s a delectable new way to taste the beauty of our region. Continue reading “Spring into Pacific Northwest Food”

Get Outside for a Picnic!

For my mom’s 60th birthday this year we wandered through antique shops, reminiscing on things from our mutual childhoods — a copper pot she used to cook with would catch my attention, a ceramic doll would remind her of my great grandmother. These things, while old, held memories that could be recalled instantly, giving them never-ending life. While antiquing, both of us had been drawn to a dark green picnic basket, and like a Siren song, we were held captive while in its presence…and we both regretted not purchasing it. What is it about picnics that are still so beautifully romantic and whimsical? Next time, I’m buying a picnic basket! Continue reading “Get Outside for a Picnic!”

Thug Kitchen

~posted by Kara

Our region is ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to organic farming and produce provided to our population. But even though we spend six billion dollars on food, we only spend 2% of that on local food. One of those reasons is food deserts.

Food deserts are something I knew all too well growing up in White Center. My mom and I mostly shopped at the Food Giant located on Delridge, which is now a Home Depot. When that went away we went to the Albertson’s on the edge of White Center and finally a few years after that the QFC in Westwood Village where we could find much better quality produce and meats. But all this was possible because we had a car. Continue reading “Thug Kitchen”

Author Event and Cooking Demo at the Lake City Branch

Click here to view Fresh Pantry in the SPL catalogCome meet local author, cook and urban farmer, Amy Pennington as she discusses her new book Fresh Pantry: Eat Seasonally, Cook Smart & Learn to Love Your Vegetables at the Lake City branch and shares the bounty of fresh tomatoes.  She will demonstrate recipes and share samples from her newest book using tomatoes fresh from the Lake City Farmers Market. Copies of her book will be available for purchase and she will sign your copy. The event takes place on Thursday, August 14 from 4:00 pm -5:30 pm. Continue reading “Author Event and Cooking Demo at the Lake City Branch”

Farmers Markets

columbia-farmers-market1With the sun beginning to peek out of the sky a bit more lately, it’s now the time for the seasonal farmer’s markets to be opening. The Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance’s calendar lists Magnolia opening this Saturday, May 23, followed by Phinney on Friday, May 29, and Lake City on Thursday, June 4. The Columbia City Farmers Market opened in late April, Broadway on May 10 and – lucky! – both the University District and West Seattle ones are open year round. The Ballard Sunday Farmers Market has an official blog which lists what’s fresh now and has a list of neighbors’ businesses.  There will be a grand opening of the Meadowbrook Farmers Market, to be located on the grounds of the Seattle Waldorf School, on Sunday, May 31, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If you are planning to travel around Washington state, the Washington State Farmers Market Association web site lists over 125 farmers markets.

Curious for more facts about where these crops come from? organic-farming2A library catalog search for organic farming finds titles like Organic Farming: Everything You Need to Know by Peter Fossel. Many cookbooks cover recipes with natural foods ingredients.  The Farm to Table Cookbook: the Art of Eating Locally by Ivy Manning includes yummy dishes from Northwest chefs and restaurants.

And, one could not mention this topic without asking when was the last time that you, a neighbor or a visiting relative went to the Pike Place Market? Have you been lucky enough to catch one of those flying fish?