“Fizzy vegetables” – Fermenting foods for fun and science 

As a parent of small children who are homebound during the pandemic, I am giddily excited about any project that checks multiple boxes on my to-do list—especially those related to food, education, entertainment, and household chores. My most recent effort has been home vegetable fermentation, and it’s been surprisingly fun. We’ve tried cabbage, carrots, and cauliflower so far. Our three year old calls these “fizzy vegetables,” and he eats them.

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BookBingoNW2019: DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

You may not have heard the term DIY before but you’re likely familiar with the concept. Do you grow your own herbs? Cook? Make small home repairs? Knit? Sew? Change a flat tire on your bicycle? Well that means that you do it yourself (DIY). And any book that teaches you how to make something that you’d normally buy, or do something that you’d usually pay a professional to do instead can count towards your DIY bingo square.

If you don’t already DIY, this square may seem daunting. Here are a few titles that are entertaining and informative reads in their own right, regardless of whether or not you plan to make any of the projects.


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