Missing Mad Men? Meet the Real Don Draper

I miss Mad Men. Not any particular character or plot line: I miss the feel of it. That blend of humor and heartbreak, tinged with an uneasy dread that one might easily assume to be bygone innocence viewed through the lens of contemporary disillusionment and cynicism. Yet far more that the show’s meticulous period details and cultural conventions, the most authentically vintage aspect of Mad Men was that very sense of mid-century malaise, reflected by the books and movies of the time.
Don Draper Swimming long

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Directed By Women is Underway at Your Library

     – Posted by Nancy P

The global viewing party Directed by Women is underway, and Seattle Public Library is part of it! Join the global party this September, as people across the United States and around the world in United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey, India, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Canada and Australia celebrate women directors and their works.

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Directed by Women from Around the World

We are participating in Directed By Women, a global celebration of women directors and their works this month. Here is the full schedule of our Directed by Women Film Series. For more contemporary international women directors, check out these films for a trip around the world!

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Directed by Women, Northwest edition.

    – posted by Ellen F.

This September, Seattle Public Library will be joining in a global celebration of women directors with a series of free film screenings around the city. A US News and World Reports study estimated that women made up only 7% of Hollywood directors in 2014, but in Seattle the industry is dominated by women who have broken through the celluloid ceiling. These directors often work collaboratively on their films, and the following is only a shortlist of the directors making movies in the Northwest.

Seattle Women in Film is a collection of the best short films by 21 Seattle women filmmakers in the indie film scene.

Director/writer/producer/actor Lynn Shelton’s latest movie Laggies was filmed in Seattle and stars Keira Knightley and Sam Rockwell. Shelton previously directed the awarding-winning Hump Day and Your Sister’s Sister. She wrote and directed her first film We Go Way Back way back in 2004. Continue reading “Directed by Women, Northwest edition.”