Movie Mondays: Passing the Bechdel Test

Ever since I learned about the Bechdel Test, a way of measuring how women relate to each other in film, I haven’t been able to watch movies without thinking about it.

Named after American cartoonist Alison Bechdel, who laid out the rules in a 1985 comic strip, there are three conditions that must be met for a movie to pass:

1. The film must have two or more women
2. These women must talk to each other
3. About anything other than a man Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Passing the Bechdel Test”

Movie Mondays: Modern Day Black-and-White

nebraska   artist and the model     a field in england     escape from tomorrow

The overwhelming majority of films since the 1970s have been filmed in color. The few black-and-white films since then – The Last Picture Show, Paper Moon and Young Frankenstein in the ’70s, The Elephant Man, Raging Bull and Zelig in the ’80s, Schindler’s List, Ed Wood and Clerks in the ’90s, and Good Night, and Good Luck, Sin City and Persepolis in the ’00s – represent some of the most daring and unique contributions to cinema. With the popularity of The Artist in 2011, there has been a mini-revival of black-and-white movies. Here are some highlights from the past year, and a pair of forthcoming films to look forward to. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Modern Day Black-and-White”