Movie Mondays: The “Three Flavours Cornetto” Trilogy

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Never heard of the “Three Flavours Cornetto” trilogy? How about the “Blood and Ice Cream” trilogy? If not, you’re likely familiar with the quirky, genre-bending British films starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and directed by Edgar Wright, rather than the Cornetto ice cream flavors that appear in each film.

Shaun of the Dead (2004) is the “rom-com-zom” that started it all. Shaun (Pegg) is dumped by his girlfriend (Kate Ashfield) and berated by his father (Bill Nighy) and spends his nights in the pub with Continue reading “Movie Mondays: The “Three Flavours Cornetto” Trilogy”

Movie Mondays: Terrifying Television

Last week’s Movie Mondays column highlighted three recent supernatural thrillers. This week, we’re taking a look at three creepy, sinister TV series to watch under our dark, rainy skies this fall. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Terrifying Television”

Movie Mondays: Supernatural Thrillers

Looking for a new horror film for Halloween and beyond? Here are three supernatural thrillers that rely on dread, thrills and scares rather than explicit blood and gore.

Click here to view The Conjuring in the SPL catalogThe Conjuring (2013) follows real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), who are called to examine the strange goings-on in an old farmhouse bought by Roger and Carolyn Perron (Ron Livingston and Lily Taylor) and their five daughters. The Conjuring is an old-school haunted house story that has an eerie vibe that is punctuated by old-fashioned – but still effective – scares that will make you jump out your seat. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Supernatural Thrillers”

Movie Mondays: Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 – October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. To celebrate, here are some notable Hispanic DVDs released this year.

Click here to view Bless Me, Ultima in the SPL catalogBless Me, Ultima (2013) is a film adaptation of the classic and controversial young adult novel by Rudolfo Anaya set in New Mexico during World War II. Antonio (Luke Ganalon) is a boy who seeks the help of Ultima (Miriam Colon, in an award winning performance), a medicine woman with supernatural powers, to cope with the challenges in his young life. Director Carl Franklin’s adaptation received generally favorable reviews from critics, especially in translating the novel’s magical realism to the screen. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Hispanic Heritage Month”

Movie Mondays: Criterion classics

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The Criterion Collection has been bringing films – classic and contemporary – from all genres to audiences since 1984. This year’s releases feature some prescient science fiction, sumptuous dramas, screwball comedies, and some of the best European and Asian cinema.
Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Criterion classics”