Hello from the Center of the Universe!

Your Fremont Branch team misses seeing you at the Center of the Universe and hearing about your latest Library discoveries. Here’s what we’ve enjoyed lately and think you might like, too.

While you’re waiting for the Seattle Reads There There events to happen later this year, try reading Lot by Bryan Washington. It’s also a set of interconnected stories, set in the sprawling neighborhoods of Houston. I’ve been reading up on all things Texas recently, partially because of idle thoughts of moving there, but mostly because you can’t really understand America’s future without coming to grips with it. Texas, and Houston in particular, is far more complicated and diverse than the caricature version you see in pop culture. Lot is a staccato blast of fiction. Its cast of young characters reflects its tangle of heritage in short set pieces that mix bravado and despair. ~ Daniel S. Continue reading “Hello from the Center of the Universe!”

Poetry in Fremont

In April our minds turn to poetry. This coming Saturday, April 2, the Washington Poets Association and The Seattle Public Library will bring three wonderful poets to read at the Fremont Branch Library: Joan Swift, Dennis Caswell, and Peter Pereira…

Here are their thoughts as April approaches.

Joan Swift says of poetry: At night, while trying to go to sleep, I tend to have half lines float around in my consciousness ….but they always need more work by daylight.

Dennis Caswell’s hero is Emily Dickinson: Just about everything makes me think of poetry. Sometimes I feel like a literary hobo who never knows where his next poem is coming from.

From Peter Pereira we learn: Being a gardener, I am reminded on a daily basis about the beauty and resilience of nature, and how poetry, like Spring, is inevitable.

Please join us to meet these three fine poets and hear them read at the Fremont Branch Library on Saturday, April 2, 2 to 3 p.m. Light refreshments will follow the reading.

                                          ~Lynn M., Ballard Branch

Summer Reads: Fremont and Queen Anne reader suggestions

Want to share what you’re reading? Enter the Adult Summer Reading Program at any branch (or downtown at the Central Library), write one or two sentences about three books you’ve read. You’ll be entered in a weekly drawing to win a book bag (one winner per week at each location; lots of chances to win!).book cover of loving frank

Readers on Queen Anne recommend:

Loving Frank by Nancy Horan
Part fact and part fiction, a poignant love story between Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick. Mamah and her husband commission Wright to design a house for them and a passionate love story begins.

Kalooki Nights by Howard Jacobson
Max Glickman, a Jewish cartoonist whose seminal work is a comic-book history of Jewish suffering (Five Thousand Years of Bitterness), recalls his childhood in a British suburb in the 1950s. Really good writing — oh, those Brits!

Quiet, Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian by Scott Douglas
Wow. A librarian’s memoir about how all the other librarians are all idiots who don’t like books. I certainly am glad I never have to work at the same library as Scott. He seems like an idiot himself.

Readers in Fremont Continue reading “Summer Reads: Fremont and Queen Anne reader suggestions”

Closing the Drawers: Photo collection focuses on a family’s 80 years in Fremont

Historic Fremont HomeThe Fremont Branch is hosting a display of photos tracing the history of a Scandinavian family and the Fremont home they shared for more than 80 years. The photos will be on display from June 17 through 30, with an Opening Reception in the Library this Thursday, June 19, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Michael Kleven presents a collection of historical and contemporary photos relating to the community of Fremont and to his family’s eight decades in the neighborhood. When his great grandfather, Peter Lantz, acquired the house at 4231 5th NW in the late 1920s, he added “built ins” in the Swedish style — a bench with a dog house beneath it, an ironing board, a mail drop box and a wall of drawers in the kitchen. Marks of Peter Lantz’s style remain today in arched doorways and in several pairs of small diamond-shaped windows. Hands across six generations have opened the drawers that Peter built, now we close them for the last time.

Michael’s mother, Sandy Kleven, writes: Continue reading “Closing the Drawers: Photo collection focuses on a family’s 80 years in Fremont”

Historic Preservation in Fremont

Fremont HouseIf you’re familiar with Fremont you know it has old and interesting architectural treasures gracing its streets. Ever wondered what the history of these buildings might be? Come to the Fremont Library during the month of May and see the marvelous display provided by the Fremont Historical Society celebrating preservation and adaptive reuse of historic Fremont buildings. Volunteers contributed time researching the buildings’ histories, interviewing current and former property owners Continue reading “Historic Preservation in Fremont”