Planning for Fundraising – a class at the Central Library

Whether you are researching grants for a nonprofit organization to fund a new program or scholarships for undergraduate or graduate studies, The Seattle Public Library’s Foundation Research Center can be of assistance.  The center, located at the Central Library in the Business, Science, and Technology Department on Level 7, is a partnership between the library and the Foundation Center, an international organization that strives to increase awareness and knowledge about philanthropy.

SPL and the Foundation Center are offering a 2 hour class on Monday April 11th.  Scott Ullman, Regional Training Coordinator for the Foundation Center will focus on a basic planning process for diversifying your organization’s support by introducing you to strategies for devising a fundraising plan that best reflects your organization’s needs and resources. Topics covered include: assessing your organization’s strengths; developing your case for support; formulating fundraising goals; looking at diverse sources of support; and how to begin putting it all together in a plan.

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