If You Like Game of Thrones

“Wait – what?! Literally NONE of this happened on TV!!”

Frustrated that George RR Martin’s “Game of Thrones” series still isn’t finished, or that the TV spinoff is? Either way, if you’re looking for fresh  fantastical worlds to lose yourself in, replete with political machinations, bloodthirsty scheming and shocking twists, here are some recent epic fantasy series starters for you to dive into.

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The History Behind the Story, Part I

~posted by Emily

You may not think of George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones (GoT) as historical fiction, but even if you take away the dragons and zombies, much of the drama of the novels and TV series is just as strange as the truth. Martin combines elements of fantasy and folklore with actual events from Medieval English history to create the complicated storylines and web of characters caught up in the battle for the Iron Throne. So if you enjoy the intrigue, scheming, backstabbing and beheadings of GoT, check out these nonfiction titles and learn about the true stories that inspired the series. Continue reading “The History Behind the Story, Part I”

Science Fiction Friday: Winter Is… Here?

By Richard C. 

Even with summer waning, winter is coming has become a popular phrase, what with the ice-cold specter of death and desolation hovering over the latest installments of A SoIaF. Eagerly awaiting the release of Winds of Winter, know that the coldest season has long snowed up the pages of sci/fi, pages buried deeply in ice ages and harsh glacial landscapes, where the stark realities of winter are made utterly manifest on the struggling. I love struggle in sci/fi, and while winter may be merely coming for some, winter is here at your frozen fingertips below:

1) Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton. Just as an spreading ice age storms the edges of Villjamur, so too the swarms of refugees desperately circle the ancient city walls. Jamur Rika is now queen of Villjamur, and with a nonhuman ally she seeks to steer her kingdom through threats both within and coming fast from far beyond. I’m a sucker for setting in sci/fi, and had to keep my coffee close reading this one so my hands wouldn’t freeze. Continue reading “Science Fiction Friday: Winter Is… Here?”

Science Fiction Fridays: More Alternatives to Game of Thrones

In our never-ending quest to call out readable alternatives to terrific TV series, SPL librarians have been looking for something to satisfy that GOT craving–Game of Thrones, that is.Joffrey from Game of Thrones

One of our fabulous teen librarians have some suggestions for you for when the series ceases to engage–or if your appetite, once whetted, needs some print satisfaction. Check out her wonderful post on Push To Talk  for more ideas.

Science Fiction Fridays: What to read when you’re not watching Game of Thrones

Since he joined the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow hasn’t had much time to read, what with all the other things keeping him busy at the Wall, like fighting ice zombies and protecting Sam and wondering what his pet direwolf is up to. And now that Jon has been captured by Wildlings, there’s even less time for relaxing with a good book. But when he does get a free moment, this is what Jon Snow likes to read…

Witchlanders by Lena Coakley
With a cold, wintry setting, strange monsters, and an even stranger brotherhood, this is a book Jon can definitely relate to.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Jon isn’t the only one who finds himself in a puzzling new situation and must bond with other guys in order to survive.

Rash by Pete Hautman
Both Jon and Bo are trapped in the frozen North but, instead of sword fighting, Bo plays football and, instead of ice zombies, he deals with an artificial intelligence.

Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb
Like Jon, Fitz wonders about his parentage and develops an unusual bond with a wolf in this sweeping fantasy that also features royal
intrigue, magic, and war.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
Mary has a lot more time for romance than Jon does, but she also has even more ZOMBIES.



What else is Jon Snow reading? Let us know in the comments…

I’m not watching Game of Thrones because…
a. I’m waiting for the next season to start
b. My parents found out about all the naked people.
c. No HBO, but I’ve got the first season on hold at the library.
d. Dude, I don’t watch stuff with dragons and…wait, did you say naked people?

–Lesley J., Douglass-Truth

If You Like George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones then check out these recommendations by The Seattle Public Librarians.