Hungry Like a (Dire) Wolf: Cookbooks Inspired by Our Fandoms

It all starts with a good book. Then a book series. Then, inevitably, a television series or a film. Your fandom is growing, but how can you satiate the hunger? Maybe you seek out your fandom at a convention, and try out cosplaying… What’s left?! What else can you do?! Fanfic, sure, sure. But you’re starting to get actually hungry. How about bringing it all home for a fandom-themed dinner party with friends? Dress up as your favorite characters! Read that fanfic aloud, for all to hear! The finale, of course, is the food! The Library, as it happens, has quite the collection of fandom-associated cookbooks:

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Companion Cookbook

Always wanted to try your hand at making Hot Pie’s hot pies? How about drinking some hot mulled wine that would keep even the Night’s Watch warm? This official recipe book includes over 100 recipes, divided by geographical region, and even includes a guide to dining, Westerosi style. Continue reading “Hungry Like a (Dire) Wolf: Cookbooks Inspired by Our Fandoms”

The Books That Kept Me Up All Night

By Siri A.

There are good books and there great books—and then there are the books that you simply can’t put down. Work, friends, sleep—it doesn’t matter. Everything else fades away and all you can think about is finishing that book. This is my favorite thing about reading, and it’s what I hope will happen every time I start a new book. Here are five that kept me so hooked that there was just no time for sleep.

Click here to find Jurassic Park in the SPL catalog Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

The movie Jurassic Park is one of my guilty pleasures, but the book, while different in many ways from the movie, is simply amazing. It’s fast-paced, action-packed and is written with such suspense that I found it impossible to tear myself away from its pages. Few books get me so caught up in their story that I want to yell to the characters to warn them of their impending doom. Continue reading “The Books That Kept Me Up All Night”