Books For Two

Sometimes being in a book group can be a lot of pressure – not just the assigned reading aspect, but trying to get a group of people together to meet. A book group can simply be just two people getting together; maybe a coworker that you can go out to lunch with once a month or someone you don’t see very often and it’s a way to make sure you get together.

I had a while where I was struggling to find the time to read. My husband suggested starting a book club for just the two of us…and shockingly his idea worked. I started reading again…and I haven’t stopped. Every other month we trade off on who selects the book, it may be something we’ve been meaning to read or a subject we are interested in. All genres are open and we only allow for one re-read a year. For example, I loved The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis so I’m selecting that for February.

Here were our book selections for October through December:

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