October Takeover: Ghostly Reads

~ posted by Andrea G.

October is a haunting month. There’s Halloween, of course, with its ghosts and ghouls and spooky stories. But there’s also a nostalgia for the passing of summer as dying leaves accumulate on the ground, and in the Northwest there’s the slow encroachment of rainy darkness. If you want to revel in this time but don’t love super scary things, try some literary novels narrated by ghosts.

The World Before Us  by Aislinn Hunter features a ghostly chorus, stranded souls who follow archivist Jane Standen as she researches Victorian-era rural asylums. A great character study, this novel also looks at the way memory is shaped and ripples across individuals and society. Continue reading “October Takeover: Ghostly Reads”

October Takeover: DIY Ghost Tours: Guidebooks for your Local Ghosts

~posted by Blythe S.

Have you ever wondered who is haunting your neighborhood? Ghost have purportedly taken up residence in a number of bars, theaters, restaurants, stores, parks and other places in Seattle–enough to create entire guidebooks on the subject.

Find Spooked in Seattle in the SPL CatalogFind Ghosts of Seattle in the SPL CatalogFind Ghosts Hunter's Guide to Seattle in the SPL CatalogFind Pacific Northwest Haunts in the SPL CatalogFind Washington's Haunted Hotspots in the SPL Catalog

During October a number of worthy ghost tours are offered to guide you through dark, damp streets. You will pop into establishments, and peek through windows, hoping to spot something unusual while listening to a guide give you the lowdown on the undead.  But if you want to avoid the skittish screamers and loud disbelievers, or simply explore an area without a tour, you can design your own. Continue reading “October Takeover: DIY Ghost Tours: Guidebooks for your Local Ghosts”

Romantic Wednesdays: Romancing the Ghost

Tomorrow is Halloween, which makes this the perfect time to talk about the spookier side of romance. Halloween is the perfect time to fall in love with a ghost! Or for your romance to get a little ghostly assistance. Or, sad but oh, so romantic, to get that one last chance to say goodbye, with a little help from a medium. Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Romancing the Ghost”

Who Says the Dead Can’t Dance?

Ok, I’m not usually a big fan of gore and ghosts, but when they come with excellent characters and a great deal of witty dialogue, what’s not to love? I can’t guarantee that everyone will find these books funny, but that was definitely an aspect that kept me turning the pages. After all, I had to find something to read while I wait (and wait) for the next Lish McBride book.

Image of The Name of the Star, click here to find it in the Seattle Public Library CatalogThe Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson
Rory, recently of small town Louisiana, has decided to try a boarding school in London. She would pick a school right in the middle of a sudden resurgence in Ripper murders, of course. And then develop an ability to see and interact with ghosts, because that’s just how her life goes. Smart, snarky, and all around engaging despite the gore flowing on all sides, the first book in the Shades of London series is quite excellent, and I’m looking forward to The Madness Underneath. Continue reading “Who Says the Dead Can’t Dance?”