Ideas for Book Giving this Holiday

Librarians give – and get – a lot of books this time of year. Seeing that familiar shape surrounded by festive wrapping is a special thrill. Sure, we know it is a book, but what book? We recently shared some ideas on how to choose good books for your loved ones. Now here are some titles we’re especially excited to be giving – or receiving – this year.

Mozart’s Starling by Lyanda Lynn Haupt. An uncommon look at a seemingly common bird, this is narrative nonfiction at its best. And, yes, Mozart had a pet starling. So did Haupt. From the Seattle author who brought you Crow Planet.  – Linda

Pie & Whiskey edited by Kate Lebo and Sam Ligon. These two Spokane authors have been hosting spirited literary events inspiring northwest authors to write poems, stories, and essays under the influence of butter and booze. The resulting anthology is funny, wise, insightful, irreverent — and handy. Fits in a (large) stocking!  – Linda Continue reading “Ideas for Book Giving this Holiday”

D.I.Y. Holiday? The Time to Start is…NOW!

Yes, yes, it’s two weeks before Thanksgiving, and for many of us it’s too early to think of the holidays. But for those who are among the ranks of making gifts for loved ones, the time to start is…NOW!  Check out these do-it-yourself books to help you make that special gift that will be cherished forever. Continue reading “D.I.Y. Holiday? The Time to Start is…NOW!”

Gift Books for Kids (Nonfiction is your friend!)

~posted by Selby G.

If you are reading this post to get ideas about what book to gift a child for the holidays you are probably envisioning a fiction book. Maybe a classic like Treasure Island or an award winner such as Brown Girl Dreaming. And although I fully support loading a kid’s life with fabulous fiction books, I ask you not to forget the nonfiction. Children’s nonfiction has exploded in recent years and there are some amazing books that will fascinate and enthrall. Below are just a few of what you will find when you wander into the ‘fact section’. Continue reading “Gift Books for Kids (Nonfiction is your friend!)”

Gift Giving Ideas

This is the time of the year when many people give gifts. Some people are easy to buy for and others are more challenging. We have both types on our lists! For inspiration, we took a look at books on gift giving in the library’s collection, did some internet searching and brainstorming, and came up with several ideas that we hope will help. Of course, it is all about who you are giving to, so we thought a variety of ideas could give the best assistance.

We can’t sell you our books, music, magazines or DVDs, but we can be a great source for ideas! You can even give them a “test drive.” Or, if you have a general idea of what your person likes to read, how about a suggestion from one of our booklists? There is a list of books suggested for booklovers on the Library Foundation’s page. If a magazine subscription is a possibility, come in to one of our locations and browse a variety of magazines. Continue reading “Gift Giving Ideas”