Do you want turbocharged Internet connectivity in Seattle?

Longing for ultra-high speed Internet connectivity at home? Think how quickly you could log on to the Library’s web site, search for books and check our online resources! Support the city’s bid for Google Fiber for Communities:  Seattle Broadband Initiative.

Google – an engine of cultural domination?

Google and the Myth of Universal KnowledgeLibrarians, including me, typically have a love-hate relationship with Google. We use their tools, just like you, oh yes we do. We are also constantly aware that there is a vast pool of knowledge sometimes called the Invisible Web that Google never shows you. But hey, Google’s motto is “Don’t be Evil.” How bad can dependence on Google be? And then along comes Jean-Noel Jeanneny’s Google and the Myth of Universal Knowledge. Now I’m thinking about the company from Mountain View in a whole new way.

Jeanneney’s slim volume deals primarily with what was originally called Google Library but which is now Google Books. As the director of the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, he was naturally interested in how many books in European languages have been digitized and made available via Google. Jeanneny ran a search on Continue reading “Google – an engine of cultural domination?”