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#BookBingoNW2017: Maximize your Blackout strategy with comic books

Comic books are one of your greatest strategic resources in scoring a blackout on your Summer Book Bingo card. Don’t feel like you should limit comics to the Graphic novel square. There’s a comic for any square, many of which … Continue reading

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20 Essential Seattle Books, Part 5 – Tales of the City

Arriving at our fifth and final post suggesting twenty essential Seattle books, after posts highlighting history, race, place, and Northwest classics, we finish with a handful of novels evocative of our city and its culture. There are several good mystery series set in Seattle, but when a … Continue reading

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Immigration and the Refugee Experience Presented in Comics for Kids and Young Adults

Comics can be an effective gateway toward empathy and understanding. Both fiction and non-fiction comics can help the reader visualize and develop context for a wide variety of human experience. Here are a few comics which may help younger readers … Continue reading

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Notable Comics of 2016

There were a lot of great comics published in 2016. Here are a few of my favorites from this year: March: Book Three by John Lewis The National Book Award winning conclusion to Congressman John Lewis’ comics memoir (created with … Continue reading

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Must-Read Comics

From the incredible storytelling in Brian K. Vaughn’s Saga to Marjorie Liu’s lush fantasy world in Monstress, these graphic novels will delight and amaze long-time fans of the format and new readers alike. Below are a few titles everyone who … Continue reading

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The Wondrous World of the Central Library

Emily Winfield Martin is the writer of the blog The Black Apple that I have been following for eons it seems. She has also written a few children’s books that are beautiful, delightful, and available from the library; one being … Continue reading

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FIRST FOLIO! Shakespeare in Graphic Novels

Shakespeare’s influence can be seen everywhere…but that doesn’t mean that he is easy to understand or enjoy. Whether you already enjoy Shakespeare or have had problems with Shakespeare’s plays, why not check out a graphic novel? A frozen play, if you will. … Continue reading

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