You: The Project

We’re all just works in progress, right? At the library, I generally see the greatest demand for self-improvement books in the lead up to and immediately following the New Year. It makes sense. All those resolutions – to keep a cleaner house, to start exercising, to meditate – you may as well begin with the start of a fresh year. Except that you’re tired from the holidays or school break, and winter has already been going for two months, and the book you want isn’t checked in and by the time it arrives on hold for you in February you really don’t care about improving your habits anymore. So hey – start now! Here are four books to help you find creativity in everyday life, create good habits, move beyond failure, or tidy up. Continue reading “You: The Project”

Caffeine: The World’s Favorite Drug

Caffeinated JPGPosted by Selby
Whether you slam an energy drink in the afternoon or start your day with a cup of joe, most Americans consume some amount of caffeine during the day, and we love it. Recently, author Murray Carpenter took a good long look at a drug many of us use daily without thinking about it. In his book Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts, and Hooks Us, Carpenter travels the world to see where and how we get our caffeine fix, as well as how it affects our bodies and minds. Continue reading “Caffeine: The World’s Favorite Drug”