That familiar chill in the air, those reddish tints starting to appear in the leaves, that playful note of pumpkin spice latte asserting itself amidst the less seasonal scents of marijuana and Axe body spray on city streets: it can only mean one thing. Another Booktoberfest has arrived! Each October, dazed and confused from the flurry of Summer reading, librarians emerge blinking into the autumnal light, and head for the bar. We hope you’ll join us in pubs and bars all across the city, to share books and stories, songs and games. Come out and play! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in store this year: Continue reading “BOOKTOBERFEST 2017 IS HERE!”

Happy Hour at Home

The older I get the more I like staying at home, especially when it comes to imbibing a few alcoholic beverages. At home I’m safe and comfortable and I’m not breaking the bank. I got to thinking how I could make a happy hour at home more inviting to my partner and friends. Here are a few books in our collection that gave me a few ideas.

For Booze and Bites:

Happy Hour at HomeHappy Hour at Home: Libations and Small Plates for Easy Get-togethers by Barbara Scott-Goodman

I mean the title alone…plus it covers different appetizers in different regions. Continue reading “Happy Hour at Home”