If You Like Game of Thrones

“Wait – what?! Literally NONE of this happened on TV!!”

Frustrated that George RR Martin’s “Game of Thrones” series still isn’t finished, or that the TV spinoff is? Either way, if you’re looking for fresh  fantastical worlds to lose yourself in, replete with political machinations, bloodthirsty scheming and shocking twists, here are some recent epic fantasy series starters for you to dive into.

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Fantasy Checklist Challenge: High Fantasy

~posted by Meranda T.

Lloyd Alexander, of the Prydain Chronicles, can be given credit for coining the term “High Fantasy.” A term used to define a genre that is placed in an imaginary world or based on epic and fantastical plots. This is a sub-genre of fantasy I have always liked.

Find Dragonlance in the SPL catalogMy first experience with High Fantasy is the DragonLance Series. It was the first book I actually came home from school reading and continued to read. I strongly recommend anything by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. They have a great understanding of the world, since they are the original creators. Some of the characters are hilarious, some serious; they really just run the gamut of types of characters, which keeps me enjoying the world. Continue reading “Fantasy Checklist Challenge: High Fantasy”