Romantic Wednesdays: A Second Slice of Holiday Fruitcake

One post just wasn’t enough to contain all the romantic goodness. There are some people who read holiday romances all year long. (And then there are some who believe that listening to “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” even once is one time too many!) Your own personal holiday mileage may vary.

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Romantic Wednesdays: Holiday Romances

It’s that time again. What time is that, I hear you asking? In this early December, when the spirit of holiday shopping is everywhere, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the season with the gift of a perfect Holiday Romance.

Here are just a few to start off the season, but there will be more. Let’s celebrate the season with a whole lot of love.

christmas he loved her by juliana stoneThe Christmas He Loved Her by Juliana Stone is a Christmas love story that definitely pulls at the heartstrings. It’s a small town romance, and a second chance at love story wrapped up with a bright shiny Christmas ribbon. There’s also more than a bit of a “forbidden romance” thrown in to make it extra spicy. But because it’s the Christmas season, there’s going to be a happy ever after once the sadness is done.

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