Slowing Down

For me March was always the kick off to camping season. Finding a cabin early in the season then in April heading to our family campsite on the Olympic Peninsula for opening day of fishing; May and June to Eastern Washington before it gets too hot and that itch to go and explore is still there. To combat that sense of go, go, go I walk since it’s now my only form of escape. What I noticed this time around, since I have the time and don’t feel a need to rush, I actually pay more attention to my surroundings.

Still image from 10 Parks That Changed AmericaI found a pocket park near my house. A tribute to fallen motorcyclists with trees and placards honoring those who had passed. Walking through slowly I read all the names and couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. Maybe because it was next to a busy street and so more of a place we pass then visit, but not that day. Continue reading “Slowing Down”

A shed of one’s own

My husband and I have decided we need separate rooms. For more than a decade, we’ve shared a home “office” that hasn’t worked well for either of us. There’s no room for flat files for him, nor is there the quiet retreat I crave for writing. I look longingly at our friend John’s backyard music studio and our neighbor’s tiny garage-turned-dance studio. I find myself eyeing our garden shed and our son’s long-abandoned tree house with an “I wonder if …” sense of hope. Serendipitously, this was all on my mind when I stumbled across Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways by Debra Prinzing in a Library display.

I am now convinced that I need a shed of my own, and I’ll take any of the Continue reading “A shed of one’s own”