Comedy in Comics Spotlight: Chip Zdarsky

Rose City Comic Con is coming up, the weekend of September 8-10, in Portland, OR. Comic book artist and writer Chip Zdarsky will attend as a guest. As he rarely travels south from the wilderlands of Canada (urban Toronto), this is a unique opportunity for fans to meet him in person.

Chip Zdarsky is the pseudonym and comics alter-ego of Canadian humorist Steven Murray. While working in comics since the start of the millennium, over the past four years Zdarsky has created or revitalized multiple comic book titles, working as an artist, but mostly as a writer. Continue reading “Comedy in Comics Spotlight: Chip Zdarsky”

Hidden Humor

A recent blog post by Shannon Hale about funny girls getting shushed got me thinking about women writers who are really stinkin’ funny, but not usually marketed or thought of as humor writers.

Find The Importance of Being Alice in the SPL catalogThen I looked on my nightstand and saw a Katie MacAlister book.  The Importance of Being Alice is labelled a romance, the cover art is all flowy white dress, and just based on these, you would never guess how many times the words inside made me ugly-snort-laugh.  Yes, it has the structure of a romance, yes, romances can be funny, but the absurd situations, delightfully odd supporting characters, witty banter, and slapstick moments are pure comedy.  This one is a contemporary romance, but she also writes paranormals (dragons! vampires!), historicals (earls!), and some romances that defy categorization (the pirate virtual reality game one! seriously!).   So, if you don’t mind some spicy sex scenes and people falling in love, try some Katie MacAlister, she just might be your next favorite funny woman.

What hidden humorists have you found cloaked in other genres?  Is there a gumshoe that induces giggles? Funny fantasy? Witty westerns? Sci-fi that makes you snicker?

The Science Fiction Checklist Challenge: Humorous SF

~posted by David H.

Science fiction as a literary genre is often viewed as one of the more serious, so it can be surprising to many people that it has such a rich history of comic stories. Many of the authors from science fiction’s “Golden Age” wrote humorous science fiction tales, including L. Sprague de Camp, Isaac Asimov, & Fredric Brown. Frederick Pohl and C.L Kornbuth’s satirical novel The Space Merchants is widely considered one of the best early science fiction novels and the genre includes many memorably funny characters like Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat and Henry Kuttner’s drunken inventor Gallegher.

Continue reading “The Science Fiction Checklist Challenge: Humorous SF”

Theatre at the Library Presents – The Hunchback of Seville

Washington Ensemble Theater
Washington Ensemble Theater

By Katie H.
The Capitol Hill Library and the Washington Ensemble Theatre will host a preview performance of the world premier of The Hunchback of Seville by playwright Charise Castro Smith on Saturday, June 14th from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the Capitol Hill meeting room. After the performance, the play’s designers and cast will discuss the process of staging the play with the audience.

is described as “a vividly naughty and hilariously bizarre tale set in Seville in the year 1504. Combining the madcap sense of humor of Monty Python and the poetic grandeur of Shakespeare, The Hunchback of Seville is a knee slapping, anti-colonialist romp examining how our future was sculpted long ago.”

The play is directed by Jen Wineman, who is based in New York, and is also a choreographer. So, if you’re in the mood for some fun, free, entertainment, come and join us at the Capitol Hill branch on June 14th!

Three smart, witty authors you want to read

I’m pretty sure you all know that David Sedaris has a new book, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls. Maybe you’re even one of the 1,095 people on the waiting lists for our 217 copies (that’s five different formats: print, large print, CD, eaudio and ebook). But there are some other writers out there who are funny. And this month* is the perfect time to get to know these three a little better: Continue reading “Three smart, witty authors you want to read”