We Are Tiny: Streetwise Fiction

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The life of Erin Blackwell can be flipped through in a book and analyzed through the television screen, but don’t think for a minute that she’s not real. Tiny has had a life all her own and so have countless other children of the streets. While this list of books contains fictional characters they touch upon very real situations that people on the streets deal with on a daily basis. Where to eat, where to sleep, and wondering if they will ever find “home”.

two riversTwo Rivers by T. Greenwood is mainly the story of Harper Montgomery, but it is also the story of love, connection, and redemption going back and forth between the past and the present. When a train derails in the small town of Two Rivers, Vermont, Harper takes in Maggie, a survivor of the wreckage with nowhere else to go. As the story unfolds we find that Maggie is expecting a baby, Harper is still distraught over the death of his wife 12 years earlier, and Harper’s daughter Shelly is eager for an emotionally available parent (although finds friendship in Maggie). As the pieces come together you see the whole story and what a story it is. Continue reading “We Are Tiny: Streetwise Fiction”