Stream Oscar-winners from the past

Movie lovers rejoice! The Seattle Public Library recently added a film streaming service called Kanopy. Kanopy offers a collection of over 30,000 films with an emphasis on classic, independent and international films but also includes award-winning documentaries, selections from The Great Courses lecture series, and a wide ranging sample of some of the finest PBS programing. Continue reading “Stream Oscar-winners from the past”

Movie Mondays: Big Stars, Little Movies

~posted by Frank

For every blockbuster that makes hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office, there are dozens of small films that make a fraction of that. Many go unnoticed, even those that have star power attached to them. These films released in the past year may have flown under the radar, but they are worth a checkout.

The Disappearance of Eleanor RigbyJessica Chastain (two-time Oscar nominee for The Help and Zero Dark Thirty) and Conor (James McAvoy, Golden Globe nominee for Atonement and star of X-Men) are a couple whose marriage, and lives, are on the line following a tragedy that is slowly revealed. There are actually three versions of this film: “Her” tells Eleanor’s side of the story; “Him” for Conor’s side; or you can watch “Them” which condenses both sides into a single film. All three versions are available on the DVD, though only “Them” can be streamed on hoopla. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Big Stars, Little Movies”

Movie Mondays: Indies Rule the Rom-Com

~posted by Frank

There was a time when romantic comedies ruled the box office. Today? Not so much, according to this article from Vanity Fair. In 2014, the most popular rom-com at the box office was the well-regarded remake of About Last Night with an African-American cast – and it ranked 65th for the year. The only other major rom-com was Blended, coming in at #69 – and the third time wasn’t the charm for Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who delighted audiences with their previous efforts The Wedding Singer and 50 First DatesFor the best rom-coms from last year, we have to dig a little deeper. Here are four of the years best – all modest independent films – with their box office ranking. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Indies Rule the Rom-Com”