Science Fiction Friday: Time Is On Your Side, Yes It Is

~Richard C.

My favorite part of the recent movie Interstellar (semi spoiler alert) was the character development when time started passing differently in the plot. Nothing terribly new about this in SF, but capturing the stark emotional realities of time in human space travel – this I found utterly moving (well, nearly exhausting after a 169 minute movie, plus previews). So this week we’re taking on the time and generational mission trope, and here are some gems to consider:

Yalda lives in a universe distinctly unlike our own. Light operates differently, as do sexual reproduction, birth control, writing, and much much more. When Yalda’s world faces a mysterious and immediate threat from above, only a sufficiently fast ship can put time on Yalda’s side. Winner of the 1995 Campbell Memorial Award for his book Permutation City, Greg Egan puts the difficult in Hard SF, with even a few graphs and formulas throughout our text. Any lovers of physics, believers in more women in science, or fans of The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov – this book is for you. Continue reading “Science Fiction Friday: Time Is On Your Side, Yes It Is”